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David Wilson's Toyota of Las Vegas Review

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Published: 25 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

CONSUMER BEWARE! I am not one to EVER write a bad review for a company but my visit to David Wilson’s Toyota (3255 E Sahara Ave Las Vegas, NV 89104) is too beyond BIZARRE not to share with the public! My husband and I visited D.W. Toyota yesterday after viewing a “new” 1794 Tundra on their website. We spoke over the phone to a nice gentleman by the name of Justin (Internet Sales) who provided us with the information on the truck and sold us on the idea of visiting his dealership for the first time. He informed us that his shift was ending and found us another salesman that would be able to help us upon our arrival….Here’s where it gets crazy!!! We arrived at the dealership and was promptly greeted by a large salesman named Tom. We informed Tom that Justin had sent us to view the truck and he told us that he would be helping us today. Great. While walking around the truck Tom told me that the seats were very comfortable and he knew this because the salesman would use the truck during slow times to sit in at the lot. That was fine since the outside looked great but as soon as we opened the truck up, I could see that they most definitely used this “new” truck! There were 133 miles on truck, a bag of sunflower seeds in the back, HEAVY scratches (where metal plates would have to be ordered and would need to be painted), scuffs/scratches in the plastic, ashes in the middle console, burn marks on the driver’s seat, etc. Tom acknowledged all of the flaws and assured us that these would all be corrected. Hesitant, we decided to take the test drive. I won’t bore you with all of the test drive details but I will tell you that Tom started talking and did not stop during the entire trip. Out of nowhere he told us about his PROSTITUTE sister that had one real job at Lowe’s for two weeks and how she was scamming his elderly father. Completely inappropriate conversations to be having while test driving a vehicle….to say the least. This went on during the entire test drive. At that point I knew something was wrong but I took the craziness with a smile.The truck drove fine. When we arrived back at the dealership, Justin had texted my husband and asked when we were arriving? My husband read the text out loud and started to reply to Justin. Tom IMMEDIATELY told him NOT to reply because he didn’t want him to have a record of us coming in?! At that point we realized he was trying to cut his co-worker out of the deal and Tom was SHADY! We told Tom that we really weren’t interested in the truck because of all the damage and the truck not being “new”. He kept repeating that the truck had never been registered (which we totally understood) and everything would be fixed. We again told him we weren’t interested and that we would have to purchase it at a used truck price because of the damage. We didn’t want to waste anyone’s time. He said he understood and would see what he could do. Again hesitant, we walked inside. Tom immediately came over with a credit app! We explained to him again that we weren’t looking to waste time and said we would have to be around 45K (quoted around 47K) to even consider the purchase. Tom was very loud and blunt and didn’t seem to understand why we wouldn’t want to pay the full price on a truck that had so much damage and looked/smelled USED. After ten minutes of trying to explain this to him, he FINALLY took our number to the finance guy. He was gone for about a minute. I’m not sure if the finance guy hyped him up but Tom came back LOUD. I personally enjoy “loud” people but he was RUDE! I seriously thought he was going to throw the paperwork in my husband’s face while saying our offer was a joke! He said that they would definitely get 50K for this truck and basically told us to kick rocks. We kept our cool and headed for the door. Tom followed us outside and continued to tell us how ridiculous our offer was and how they would get 50K all day. Which was a joke in itself. We knew he was literally crazy and continued to our car while he followed us and continued to loudly talk s*** so everyone outside could hear him. Fed up, my husband finally told him that he was rude and one of the worst salesmen he had ever met. THAT SET HIM OFF. We were to our car at that point when Tom started YELLING at us about how our car was a “PIECE OF S***” (’09 BMW 750 Turbo/Super clean/Still under BMW warranty) and how we needed to “GO BACK TO OUR APARTMENT”. I’m still not sure why Tom assumed we lived in a apartment (which we do not) but it was obvious that he was trying to insult us. My husband told him he was terrible and TOM SCREAMED, “COME HERE PUNK AND I’LL BEAT YOUR A** IN FRONT OF YOUR WIFE!” Another salesman at this point had to PHYSICALLY push this large man back into the building and got us his manger. The manger came out (Mark) and another salesman (Harold Guzman) and we explained what happened. They were both very nice but we all understood there was nothing that could be said to rectify that situation. My husband and I liked the three (Justin, Mark, and Harold) but come on…Worst thing is, we were serious buyers that would have purchased something that day if we weren’t ATTACKED. Bottom line is be VERY careful if you HAVE TO visit this location! Definitely do NOT send your wives or daughters.

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