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dont know how to treat a customer. biggest mistake ever.

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Published: 30 April 2019

Posted by: Benita J. Cortez

I am not the type of gal who spreads negativity, in fact, I’m a little over-optimistic in my world, however, David’s Bridal was just a nightmare for me. Today I will share my awful experience with this company. I wouldn’t have written this review but the company didn’t even attempt to resolve my dresses’ issues and was utterly careless. I bought a total of 6 dresses from David’s Bridal (Scarborough) for me and my 5 bridesmaids. When I was trying the dresses on, I decided to buy one size smaller dress than my current size (as I was on a fat loss diet at that time). I tried that dress in the store (the smaller one) and it fit me properly (it was a little tight, but the zipper went all the way). My wedding was to be in February and I went to the store in September. David’s Bridal delivered my dress in December and it was at least two sizes smaller than the one I ordered, it didn’t fit at all.

I went to the store on 28th December and told them about this issue. Two of the bridesmaids also received dresses which weren’t fitting them, so we went together. Before I addressed the issue, I tried the sample dress that I tried back in September to make sure that I didn’t gain weight. Because then it wouldn’t have been the fault of the store however, that dress fit perfectly. We were trying to find any possible solution for the problem, however, the employees of David’s Bridal were extremely unhelpful. One of the girls at the store even implied that I gained weight which was totally untrue because the sample dress fit me perfectly. They told me to steam the dress and stretch it. However, the dress was made from 100% polyester which is not a stretchable material. I was offended by their treatment and felt really uncomfortable. They also advised me to add a corset on the dress but they were charging me full $100 for it.

It was David’s Bridal’s fault, not mine. I did not receive the dress I ordered. The store gave excuses like,” The sample dress is stretched”. Even if it is stretched then, why can’t they replace my dress with the one that fits properly? This is just absurd. The management duo of the store kept saying that I gained weight and that is why the dress didn’t fit me, they stated that I shouldn’t have bought a dress that is so small. This behaviour was just RUDE and HURTFUL. They were body shaming me. I was getting bullied by the staff members. It is none of their business if I lose weight or not, I DIDN’T RECEIVE THE PRODUCT I PAID FOR!

This store does not know how to treat a customer and they don’t give a fuck about customer satisfaction. They could have easily resolved my issue by making small alterations but they didn’t. It is just a shame that DB is still in business.

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