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Please stay away from the dentists in Davis Family Dental Care.

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Published: 18 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

A few weeks ago I met an accident which changed the shape of my teeth. It was very much noticeable whenever I smiled, I didn’t like this and made a decision to get treated. After doing a lot of research and suggestions from acquaintances I chose to get myself treated in the Davis Family Dental Care. The place seemed perfect for me as it had a very catchy name and it had a very tempting online site too that every customer would get attracted to. I made my appointment online through their website.

I reached the clinic before time and due to excessive heat outside I was feeling very thirsty, I requested the staff member for a glass of water but I don’t know why they didn’t give me one. I waited for the same staff to come back so that I could request him again but he disappeared after that. I didn’t bother much about it and waited for my turn. I was called in after half an hour of my allotted time, I went inside the clinic and started to speak about the problems I was facing and the questions I had. Every time I asked him a question he hesitated giving me an answer and thought for a few seconds before answering, it seemed as he had less idea regarding my queries. After thinking for about 20 more minutes he informed me that I would have to undergo dental implant to reshape my teeth. I agreed to it and was told to wait outside for 10 minutes. I guess there 10 minutes were equal to 30. It was more than half an hour when they called me in.
The dentist then took his time cleaning the equipment. He didn’t even go for an x-ray to check out the thickness and strength of my gums. When I inquired him to do so, he made it very obvious by his sayings that he is not in a mood to do so. His exact words were “I am very tired to do so and we really don’t need to do it because it’s of no use and it would waste time too.” I had to agree with him because he was the doctor and he knew better than me. As soon as the treatment started he started making silly mistakes. At first, he dropped the instrument for about three times then he started making some serious mistakes. He kept my mouth open for more than I could bear I requested him to let me close my mouth but he denied it. He used the torch to check inside but as soon as he was done he placed the torch right in front of my eye. It was nothing but total whiteness near eyes. I told him to remove it because my eyes were hurting, after repeating for the fourth time I removed the torch myself and it was a total blackout for about 15 more minutes. It could have turned me blind.
Finally, the treatment was over and I made it sure that I would never ever visit such inexperienced doctor.

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