Davison is only out to get your money and rip you off – they will not offer you any services

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Published: 03 September 2017

Posted by: John A. Wood

My experience with Davison was truly horrible. Looking back, I can’t believe I was so stupid. I was young then. In fact, I was in college back in 2011. A couple of friends and I thought we had hit the gold mine when we came up with an idea for an invention. We read up about this stuff and found that if we could patent and market the idea, we’d make money real fast with our idea. But what we didn’t have was much real world experience. That’s probably why we didn’t think to stay cautious of scammers. And we had no idea they were literally everywhere, just waiting to rip off innocent people.
Davison is a company that is full of jackasses. If you ever need help with getting your idea out and on the road, stay far away from this company. All they are interested in is getting your money and leaving you penniless. They will crush your dreams.
So we settled on this company after we looked up their website: www.davison.com. Everything about them seemed professional and efficient, and we believed they would truly help us with what we wanted. Unfortunately, we trusted the wrong people.
When we called them the first time, they told us we would be assigned an agent, and all communication with Davison could be conducted through him. They assigned a woman called Claire to us. She seemed nice enough, the first time she talked to us on the phone. We told her about our idea, and she listened to us without interrupting. In the end, she told us to hold on while she chose the relevant plans for us. Once that was settled, we were asked to pay $1,800 upfront before we could proceed further. We paid the money, like the idiots we were back them.
A week went by. We didn’t hear from Claire or anyone else from Davison. On the 15th of September (I remember cause it was my roommate’s birthday that day), she calls us back. We all get really excited, thinking all the waiting paid off. Only it hadn’t. She called us about something she called handling fee. I honestly didn’t get what she was talking about. Handling fee for what? There wasn’t anything to handle, we hadn’t even gotten started with anything at that point. But I didn’t want to come across as stupid. I assumed it was something that all companies asked for in the beginning. So we paid the $1,170 she asked for too.
Two weeks later, we called their office because we hadn’t heard anything from our agent up till then. We were beginning to think we’d never actually get anything from these sons of bitches. And we were right. The office people told us that Claire had left, and they would assign us someone else. The new person just asked us to pay more money.

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