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Not at all comforting! Had a bad experience!

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Published: 10 July 2019

Posted by: Beatrice

Be it any doctor and any clinic, as a patient should have complete knowledge of the cause of the trouble and of the course of treatment. But at Day One Dentistry, when I asked for one, I was denied, repeatedly. And it was not flat out denial, just delayed until they thought I would give up. But I did not.

I have had a few dental treatments down earlier and I have done the same thing everywhere. I have asked for proper explanation of the cause and treatment too. I am not a dentist, but if something is wrong with my teeth or oral health, I have the right to know what it is and how the doctor is planning to get it right. And I do this with every doctor and not just dentists. Not all doctors react positively to this. In fact, many frown at this. But I have had everyone explain it to me or fax me over if they don’t want to spend time doing it in person. And they all did. But at Day One Dentistry, they just kept avoiding it. I asked them to fax me over the details of possible. But they just kept delaying it and avoided me when I reminded them to do the same. I was very polite throughout, but I clearly did not appreciate it. Finally, I took another appointment and had the dentist explain me everything. But I had to literally take an appointment and spend unnecessary time and money to do something they could have done then and there or even faxed.

Also, the check up felt so rushed. It was like the dentist had no time to talk to me. It was not very comforting, he should have tried talking to me to comfort me from my pain.

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