Daymond John Success Formula

Daymond John Success Formula

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Published: 02 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I have recently lost $21,000 because of this company. I went to a one day free training program. The main purpose of that was to get you excited about making millions of dollars selling produts online so that you would sign up for a 3 day program that costs $2,000. I signed up for the 3 day program. The 3 day program was all about selling you to do either a $19,000 or a $25,000 program. They get you all excited and promise you that you will be working with the same people that work with the companies that get picked on the Shark Tank television show and that make those companies successful. They say they have a solid program to teach you how to make millions of dollars selling products online. They tell you that they have sources in China, suppliers, people who will provide funding for your business, etc… They essentially are promising an inside track to making millions of dollars and be like Daymond Johns and one of the winners on Shark Tank. Well, I fell for the dream and it was just pie in the sky predatory selling taking advantage of innocent people. The 3 day course continues with all the promises of becoming rich and having a good life and cofuses you enough to believe that you cannot do it on your own and if you just sign up for either their $19,000 or $25,000 that you will succeed. | When they present you with the “contract” to sign at the 3 day program to go to the next step with them, it is not really a contract, but they say it is a contract. The legal terms and conditons are actually on the back page. The form is in a clipboard and you never see the back page and you never sign the back page. Then after you sign it, they put it inside a folder, and hand you the folder. So the back side of the page is in the folder and you do not know that there is a back side and have no reason to take it out of the folder to look and see if there is a back side. That is very deceptive. The front is like a sales flyer and you sign the bottom. It is very ambighuous, unclear and vague. I signed up for the 12 coaching call progam for $19,000. They also offer an 18 coaching call program for $25,000. I assumed, because it was so expensive, and because any new start up would take a while to get going, that when it said 12, it meant that we would have a coach for 12 months. It turns out that it is only for 12 weeks, you do the calls weekly, and in less than 3 months it is done. They try to move you in and out of the program as fast as possible so they can clear your $19,000 and move onto the next victim. The calls are also extremely quick. They are only 20-30 mins long. I assumed we would be receiving hour long calls. Not only were the calls short and stacked too close to each other but they normally would start late and sometimes ended early. By the time you say hello and good bye and small talk to be polite, there was very little time to do anything constructive on the call and it was over. The “mentor” did not help us at all either. He basically told me I should just focus on my current career and he had no specifc help whatsoever about starting an online business – the whole reason why I signed up for the program. I did not need to pay $19,000 to be told to just stick with my current career. | It also turns out that their training materials that they use, are actually just free youtube videos that they have on their student portal website that anybody has access to for free in the general public. When I complained about this, they said they purposely do it like this because the online retail business changes so quickly that this way they can have the current information. When we were looking at these free Youtube videos that are on the Daymond Johns student portal, we actually found other companies and materials, while on Youtube, that were a lot more helpful, free, or a fraction of the cost. As it turned out the free vidoes they were framing on their student portal website, were not helpful and we were not even using them anymore. | So, when the coaching calls were not helpful and the materials they have were sub-par and not helpful, I asked to cancel and for a refund. I pointed all of this out above to Amanda in their “student resolutions” department. Amanda told me that I was just looking for any excuse to cancel and that I was in a binding legal agreement and that they never issue any refunds. At first she was nice with me but by the time the call was over, she was yelling at me, insulting me, and acting very unprofessionally towards me. | On the back side of that form that you never see or sign, it says you have to go to mediation and arbitration through the American Arbitration Association. I filed the mediation – it cost me $250 to file – and I left a message for Amanda telling her that I filed for mediation and if she could call me so we could resolve this, that I would appreciate it. I have never heard back from her. I am now in the waiting process to go to mediation, which could take up to a month to go through the intake process with the American Arbitration Association. | My advice is not to be fooled by these people. Their program is extremely expensive, it is not helpful and they hide behind a false “contract” to keep your money. They compare it to the cost of college and graduate school to convice you that 19K-25K is reasonable because they will teach you how to make money and succeed and for all the money spent at college, they do not teach you that there. You do not find out the length of the course, the specifics about the coaching calls and learn that their training materials are just free Yoitube videos, until after the 3 day right of recission has expired. I trusted the people leading the first 2 seminars but I was just basically fooled and they played on my dreams, insecurities and weaknesses to sell an over priced 12 week “program”. The people you interact with as a “student” are not the people, as promised, that make Shark Tank winners into successful companies. They have no inside track to success and it is not a “formula” either. The whole experience has been so upsetting, becaue I actually enjoy watching The Shark Tank TV Show and was really hopeful that they would help me change my life, and the life of my family for the better. Instead all they did was take a huge sum of money from me and provided no tangible assistance to accomplish everything they were promising we would accomplish.

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