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Published: 10 May 2019

Posted by: Alex

Today I will uncover the true face of Daymond John. It took me several weeks to gather up the courage to write this post, but I cannot see hundreds of people getting scammed by this con man and his team. I don’t know whether this post will stay online for long or not, because Daymond’s team remove any content that exposing their reality on the internet.

Who is Daymond John anyway?

So Daymond himself has a very motivating life story (even though his team is despicable). It is a really sad fact that Daymond started scamming people for his selfish reasons. He was born on 23 February 1969 in Brooklyn and grew up in Hollis. Wikipedia states that he started working when he was 10 years old and he sold flyers.

The whole article on Daymond John on Wikipedia just portrays him as the stereotypical rags-to-riches guy.

He is the founder of the clothing brand FUBU (For Us, By Us). And he has made a lot of fortune selling clothes. Actually, he has a net worth of $300 Million. He earned a lot of money in his early days. He sold many different items of clothing and was living a very lavish life, however, once people started realizing that his clothes were made out of cheap quality materials in the late 1990s, his business started dropping. So in order to get the funds for his extravagant lifestyle, he joined the show Shark Tank in 2009.

He has been known for being the generous shark in the show and his persona is very well developed in the show.

It is not a shocking fact that Daymond has earned a lot of money just from being the part of the show as well. Reports show that he has earned several million dollars just from investing and I can’t even imagine how much the producers paid him for being a “shark”.

I used to respect the guy even though I didn’t know much about him early on. However, after I attended his seminar, I realized that he is just like the other narcissist entrepreneurs who steal money from struggling startup owners.

My friend and I went to Daymond’s seminar and it was horrible!

So I went to Daymond’s Launch Academy because I received a couple of tickets for the event in my mail. Being a wannabe-entrepreneur, I got pretty excited about the event. It was being held a couple of blocks down the street and after researching about this Daymond John guy, I was thoroughly happy. I thought it was going to be fantastic to meet such an inspirational and intelligent guy. I couldn’t wait to see him live so I dialled the number on the mail and registered myself for the event.

I don’t usually watch TV and I did not know that Daymond John was a big TV personality, but after doing the research I found out that he is a judge on Shark Tank. I heard about the show from my friends and family, they all suggested me to watch it, but I never got around to really do so.

I got ready for the event, heck, I was ready for the event the day I registered for it! I was pumped to go there and meet the guy himself. I drove to the venue, signed the entry slip and was just waiting for the doors to be opened.

I had to wait for around 15 minutes. I sat down, read some articles saved on my phone then finally when the doors opened I had to wait another 20 minutes before someone came on to the stage. It was really frustrating if you ask me. All my excitement was nearly dead by the time a guy came on to the stage. But I did not have a right to complain, because after all, it was a free event.

A short guy with fussy blonde hair came on to the stage and said that Daymond John will not be able to come to this event. WHAT THE HELL!?!?

I do not judge people based on their looks, but this guy matched all the stereotypes of a loser nerd. He had fussy hair, he wore glasses that looked like they were from the 70s, he wore a chintzy purple shirt and had a girlish voice. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! Instead of meeting the inspirational entrepreneur, I was sitting and watching Mr.Six-pack-abs-coming-soon “spitting the truth”. This guy was fat as fuck and he accompanied his looks by wearing low hanging jeans which were exposing his crack. It was utterly DISGUSTING!

I would have been able to endure that, but this guy wasn’t even telling us anything helpful. He was talking about the most basic fundamentals of the business industry. This stuff was so obvious that even a 7-year-old would know it just through common sense. He took 20 minutes to bless us with this “knowledge” and then he went ahead to state,” Don’t worry guys, I know what you all are thinking, what is this guy doing here, we want to see Daymond. I understand that but due to unfortunate incidents we were not able to make it here, but that doesn’t mean you can’t meet him. We are going to host a three-day weekend seminar next week and Daymond himself is going to be there.” Then he told us that the pass for this seminar only cost $4,000.

He also added that Daymond will be giving away a scholarship to everyone who has attended this event. I saw a light of hope which made me feel excited about this event once again. I started thinking that it was going to be worth it, however, soon this light of hope was dimmed to darkness when the fatty said the next sentence, “We are going to give you a $3,000 scholarship by giving you a special discount of $3003 on the 3-day seminar pass. You can get it for just $997!”. This was just an obvious sales tactic known as the “law of scarcity”, where the seller makes a product (or in this case an offer) limited in availability, so it seems more attractive and the consumer leans towards buying it.

This guy did not stop just there, he was trying to FORCE everyone to buy this pass. The expression of fake ambition made him look like a fool, but this guy was persistent. He asked everyone who could not afford the pass to standup. And then he told them to call their closest friend or family member. People were actually following his command. They must be thinking that he was going to help them with something or at least motivate them. After those people called and the call was received, he asked them to borrow money from them to buy the ticket! This was the cheapest and the most pathetic sales technique I have ever seen in my whole fucking life. I mean, WHO DOES THAT! This was a poor neighbourhood and people living here cannot afford to spend a thousand bucks just to motivate themselves.

This seminar was marketed as a “business fix” and if I really had a thousand bucks to burn away, then I wouldn’t be needing any outside help.

In just 30 minutes of this seminar, many people were forced to call their closest peer and beg for money. And the next hour and a half was just a sales pitch for the 3-day thing. They made A LOT of overstatements. They said that your business growth will hike up to 300% in just 3 months if you attended this seminar! It was really ridiculous.

I would strongly suggest everyone STAY AWAY from these scammers man. It is mainly up to you, if you don’t have many responsibilities and want to hang out at a random place, then you can go to their free sales pitch seminar. But for most of us, I would advise against that. Daymond John is just running a high scale scam and everyone should keep a safe distance from it. Guys like Daymond are stealing people’s money and giving them shitty information that is literally available for free online. One of my friends actually ended up buying the pass and he regretted that decision.

He told me that Daymond John was actually at the 3-day seminar, however, he was not telling anything helpful or even new. Most of the seminar was filled with his own life story where he shared how “he made it”. And the teachings of the seminar were moronic at best. If you are an entrepreneur and want to learn something of value, then Daymond’s seminars are going to waste your time and money, both of which are two of the most important assets of an entrepreneur.

Other Victims:

After my dreadful experience at the Daymond John free seminar, I decided to look it up online and see what other people think of it. I found 2 main posts online, however, most of the other ones were taken down by the reputation management team of Daymond. I’m pretty sure they took them down because Daymond’s team didn’t want others to realize the reality of these free seminars before even attending it.

The Shark has deceived thousands of people by using his fame and money. And below are the only 2 reviews I could find online. I have attached them down below so that even if they get taken down by Daymond’s team, people can read it and stay safe.

Tolu’s World
Daymond John Academy Launch event

I attended the Free Daymond John Entrepreneur Training seminar in 2016. There were more than 300 aspiring entrepreneurs in the attendance hall. There was a guy doing a presentation and as I was 5 minutes late to arrive, I was stuck in the back. I thought to myself, “I don’t think I will hear Daymond speak very clearly from this far.” But in such a big crowd there was nothing I could do, so I just sat down with my pen and journal.

Everyone around me had a fire in their eyes, all of them wanted to become the next big thing in their respective industry. And all of us were waiting for one person to show up, Daymond John. After around 40 minutes into the seminar, the presenter announced that Daymond will actually NOT be attending this free seminar. He also said that he was an equally successful entrepreneur and he will be teaching us the secrets to success.

I was shocked and angry!

I drove half an hour to see Daymond and learn something from him. I tried to smile and be happy about the fact that there is an actual expert on the stage who will be sharing some tips with us. However, my smile soon turned into a frown of disappointment.

The presenter started talking about a workshop package that will give us a chance to meet Daymond John. Not only that, he even stated that a few of us would be able to work with John’s team itself. Everything seemed interesting until he announced the horrible price of the workshop ticket. He stated that it costs $6,000 to get the ticket normally however, he will be kind enough to give it away for just $2000. By now I have realized that my time spent here was a total waste.

I did learn one thing from attending this free seminar though. Free stuff is never awesome.

Marina Martinez & Dave Lieber
Success Formula seminar

I’m not going to waste your time here. Daymond just does not appear in these free seminars and the seminar itself does not provide any value as well. We got no valuable information about entrepreneurship from attending the whole free seminar. They just offered discounts on another seminar which was supposedly where we would have actually met Daymond. But after such a horrible experience at the free one, we didn’t want to risk our money as well.

The whole point of his free seminars was to gather the locals by doing false and deceptive advertising and then manipulate them into buying his overpriced seminar passes. That is all there is to it.

Using Social Media for Manipulation

Only a few people knew about Daymond John before 2009. He was mostly known for his fashion brand which was promoted by rappers from his neighbourhood. Even though he was a multi-millionaire, he did not have any social media presence. However, after he joined the TV show Shark Tank, he made a social media account on all the popular platforms.

He posted the usual motivational stuff that almost every businessman does on these platforms, however, after 2015, his approach towards his audience changed a lot. He started promoting his Success Formula brand, which was one of the worst products/services he has ever introduced to the market.

He used the popularity that he got from Shark Tank to boost his social media presence. But people started to realize that he is just a self-obsessed narcissist soon after following him. His social media numbers faced many ups and downs due to his low-quality content and trashy products. But in order to make sure that he does not lose his fake credibility, he bought likes and followers on some of the popular social media platforms.


Twitter is known for being the corporate social media place. It has more than 300 Million monthly users and has a substantial following on this platform is a big deal. Even though it is quite old, it has matured and became better when it comes to keeping scammers away. It is quite expensive and difficult to buy followers here, but with a net worth of $300 million, Daymond does not have money issues. And thus he has bought at least 500K followers here.

As you can see in the picture above, his tweets have really poor engagement especially for a guy with half a million followers.

Twitter is also his main social media platform and he runs many promotions here.

Facebook Page

Facebook is known for its spamming pages and cheap advertisements. And money seeking fraudsters like Daymond know how to utilize its full potential. Daymond does not post ANYTHING useful on this facebook page and it is just filled with promotions and ads.


Being a social media geek myself, I know that Instagram is the easiest place to get a high following of young people. It is one of the most popular youths in social media platforms. And this makes it the perfect social media platform for the Scamming Shark Daymond.

After being bought by Facebook, Instagram has also become a place where you can buy followers and likes. And guess what, John has taken the full advantage of this opportunity.

As you can see, he has almost a million followers here, but most of them are fake and he uses his fake following to attract young and innocent business owners who are looking for a mentor.

The Scam Has Not STOPPED!

I went to the seminar a couple of months ago and I did not expect it to be STILL running. Daymond’s scam team has not stopped and they are still manipulating people. A couple of months back I thought that Daymond is a good person and he will stop doing the false marketing, however, to this day, the seminars are just as bad as they were at the start.

The Daymond John’s Success Formula started in 2015 and as Wikipedia states, “it is a program that is specially designed for teaching entrepreneurs the techniques for growing their businesses from the bottom”. Wiki also says that John is giving away $1,500 scholarships to the business owners, but that is just false information. HE IS NOT GIVING ANY SCHOLARSHIPS. He is actually giving a discount for a seminar which is just useless.

There is a website of the success formula which is up and running. And on the registration page of that website, you can clearly see the main man himself. This can easily fool anyone to think that John will be at the seminar.

The Wack Song

This is kind of off topic but I have to address it. So I was randomly going through my Spotify playlists when suddenly I saw this song called “Boss Up” by Daymond John. Being the fan I am, I clicked on it immediately and gave it a listen. It was the most HORRIBLE thing I have ever heard man, this guy stole the flow from Migos, wrote non-sense lyrics and paid thousands of dollars to a producer to fix his shit up. The only thing good in the song is the beat, which itself is quite generic. There is nothing new in that song. There is a different effect on the beat after every 4 four bar which is quite disturbing.

I only listened to it TWICE, but that fucking song is stuck on my head ever since. I have been humming and crooning it for a week now. This is kind of like what happened to George with the “Master of the house”. It is irritating as hell!

Daymond should stick to scamming people and doing horrible acting on the TV, music is certainly not his cup of tea. If you have a difficult time waking up, then set Boss Up as your alarm, it will be very effective, however waking up in such agony might have its side effects.


I was extremely disappointed and shocked when I found out that Daymond is scamming innocent business owners. I used to think that he was the “nice guy” who did not have any ulterior motives, but the reality struck me hard.

I still can’t believe that he has successfully defrauded thousands of people and is STILL scamming them.

Why did he start doing scams? Isn’t it illegal to do false advertising and making false claims?



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