Dayna Martin

So-Called Activist Is A Fraud

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Published: 15 October 2018

Posted by: natasha

Dayna Martin is a con-artist. Yes, that’s what she is. She isn’t an activist but a big ass fraud. She is using the name of Radical Unschooling to carry out her frauds. Two years ago, I was supposed to attend the RE Conference and I registered for that. I paid $525 for that. Because of an emergency I had to cancel my attendance in the conference. I wrote to Dayna for a refund and she told me that I will receive it within 50 days.

I waited and got in touch with her again for the refund and there was no response after that. I couldn’t even dispute it on Paypal because the time limit to dispute was over. I was shocked to see a woman with such strong ideas about a new and radical field, turn out to be a fraud. She kept on ignoring my emails. After a long wait, I got a reply from her saying that they have decided to go ahead and not refund the money. This is such an evil thing to do from someone who has suffered recently. Why would anyone want to attract bad karma?

I looked it up online and this is a common practice by Dayna Martin and even her husband Joe Martin is involved in this. Once you have registered for their conference, you are stuck. Your money is gone. They are big liars too. They would say that they will return the money but they never do that. They keep coming up with excuses. I now doubt Dayna’s intentions with the whole unschooling thing. It could just be something she thought is a fad. I don’t know if she believes in it or not or is it just the money she is looking at.

I don’t know about it anymore. I also feel she goes overboard at times with implementing the unschooling ideologies. I have been a believer in home schooling since long but people like her give beliefs a bad name. She is not an activist. She is just an opportunist who can go to any length to make money. They are just posers and are here to scam people. If she can be such a bitch for $500, imagine what her big plans are. She thinks she has started a movement but her scam is going to go down the drain.

How can she be an attachment parenting counsellor if she doesn’t have honesty as a factor in her life? This is really sick of her to con other people like this and lie to them. She is extra smart. Her brain works as good as a thief’s. I want this to be known to everyone who thinks they can trust Dayna Martin, keep in mind that you can’t. She is a big fraud and will rip you off your money. Don’t pay her anything. If she is real, she will not bother about money so much. Hope this helps.

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