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Published: 08 February 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

A smoking room was rented at the Days Inn on S. Circle in Colorado Springs by me for a friend who was visiting & lost their ID. My intentions were to relax there as well but I do not smoke, my friend does. Since they funded the room, I felt her needs should be accommodated. With minimal time to get to where we had to be we went to drop off the luggage in the room & leave. What we saw was disgusting & had paid @$90(+/-). Realizing I couldn’t explain the filth, as it was horrific, I took photos first. I should have complained first, attempted to resolve the situation but, I feel, I was in disbelief this room was not condemned! My friend took her luggage back to the vehicle & returned to help me by pointing out what she saw for me to photograph. With so much to photograph, we found ourselves running late to the dinner/BBQ at my house with friends (& my roommates) so we opted to go to the front desk afterwards. We wanted to go in person with the pictures. Unfortunately, we were both exhausted & after dinner fell asleep. I complained the next day online & since we failed to the same day, I had asked for nothing back nor anticipated getting anything other than an apology. I received a reply to my online complaint that the GM or manager (cant recall at moment, referred to as “He or Him” since its a male) would be in contact with me. I received a reply from him, which I will include if I can along with the pictures. The reply was unprofessional, distasteful and just as disgusting as the room he rented and defended. I was offered half my $ back & tho I asked for nothing, I took it. I took it BC I never received an apology. If he had not been so disrespectful, rude, blaming me, making excuses but sympathetic, kind & understanding I wouldn’t have taken it. If he had been professional & asked me what I had hoped to see happen or what I wanted, I would have informed him to do what is right, that I expected nothing (I am 1 who can admit fault, take my share of the blame for falling asleep & unable to remedy the situation. What was right, to me, at that time would have been to get the room right or not rent it.) However, he almost got his feelings hurt for being so ignorant, unprofessional & disrespectful. I opted to walk away to cool off. There is NO WAY THIS DOESNT VIOLATE any health codes. In the pictures, look close!! You will see BUGS, BLOOD, MOLD, WATER DAMAGE, POOR REPAIR JOBS, HOLES IN WALLS, LAYERS & LAYERS OF DIRT BUILT UP & MUCH MORE. I don’t believe this room had been cleaned in joke.. You be the judge, of course, if you can make it through the pictures without getting sick. Look for yourself, read the response I received…without being furious..I dare you! Then ask yourself.. What would you do about this?! I need advice on this one! BC I was furious, I walked away & as time passed was even going to let it go. Then I showed a few people what I’m sharing with you & they refused to allow me to continue without taking some sort of action! To those just as upset as I was but refused to let it go…THANK YOU! “If we don’t stand for something, we fall for anything!” Right is right & wrong is wrong…and this is beyond wrong! I’d rather give a compliment than complain but I refuse to allow anyone else to be subjected to such filth & treatment. Therefore, I’m taking this stand. That is how we stop the wrongs being done to us…standing together. “United we stand, divided we fall.” true! Stay away from this place!! Ive been told a picture says a 1000 words…but when those words are negative..its probably an indication of something we are better off without! IF BELIEVING IS SEEING, SEE FOR YOURSELF! .

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