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Published: 25 April 2019

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Wappingers Falls Toyota is only after your money. Behind the scenes, it is all about money and which department has to pay for the services being provided. I purchased a used Toyota Highlander. The day I drove it off the lot the tire pressure light came on. I called and made an appointmen to bring the car back. When I brought it back I listed Tire Pressure Light Clunking Noise coming from the back of the car. I was told that my tires were low and they tightened the heat shield. A few days later my tire pressure light is on again, i call and am given the bull that maybe its because of the temperature change. August. Bring my care back in, tires are low and need air. they can’t find the clunking noise. A few day later my tire pressure light is on again, agian i go back. Now i am not running back right away, i’ve called to let them know that the problem has not been fixed. Around the fourth time back, a truly caring, intelligent individual (there aren’t many intelligent people working there) checks my rims, Oh i forgot to mention, when I bought the car I brokered for a new set of tires. So my rims are rusted, have been rusted from day one, and they put brand new tires on rusted rims. To make matters worse, they want me to pay to have the rims sanded down. This same intellient individual says the clunking noise is because my left rear strut is bad and my rotor is so pitted that it can not be sanded down. And I should pay for that as well. No F****n way. Wappingers Falls Toyota calls me and tells me and I quote “the parts alone to fix the strut, rotor and break pads is $1,500.00” “parts alone, but for me, and as long as Dee has been working there, they have never done this before” “they will do the work, labor included for $500.00” My boyfrien just happened to be around there one day while they had my car and looked in my truck to find after market parts waiting to be installed. I could go on line and buy after market parts for $500.00. So they quoted me genuine and installed aftermarket. Dee is going to do me a solid, she is going to have my rugs shampooed for me. I pick up the car and the rug for the third row is thrown in the truck, the cargo cover which was stowed under neath in the rear was throwned in the trunk, the cuo holder is missing and broken, thrown under the center console and the wire for my bluetooth is pulled off the back of my radio. It still gets better. When i originally picked up my car there was a brand new, unmounted, never mounted tire. MY spare the salemen indicates, so i brought the tire back to have it sanded down with the others. I was told the tire that was is my trunk was a bad tire and should not have been left there. B*******. Anyway, pick up my car, and make comments to a bunch of people about how “light on it’s toes” my car feels. A few weeks later the tire pressure light comes on yet again!! Fuming doesn’t even cover it. Bring the car back yet again, I have 50 lbs of air in three (3) of my tires, the one leaking has 32 lbs. There is a bubble in one of the 50 lb ers. I’ll need four new tires. Now its time for tears. I can not take any more. I don’t have the money for four new tires, i just paid $500 for repairs on my newly owned used car. No way, so the used car manager and the repairs manager haggle over who is going to pay for the tires. NOT ME. So I also mention that there is a humming noise coming from the engine. But they don’t hear it!! I’m driving home one day after work and i get a flat tire but guess what, there is no lug nut key to get the tire off with. I have to call a tow truck and he has to break the lug off. lucky he was able to. Huming noise from the engine is the catalytic converter. I can’t even bring my self to go back there. I paid it out of pocket. I will NEVER EVER set foot it that place. They cross threaded the plug on my brothers oil pan, so when he got to Florida he had to spring for a new one. My brother actually heard the repair department telling a service tech to wait until the warranty expired to tell a customer that something was going bad and would need to be replaced. .

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