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Published: 27 June 2018

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Their staff is composed by the manager and owner Scott STOCKER, and the sellers Andrew WHITMAN and Joey MOCCIA. They were, and are, proposing to take cars under consignment, with the terms “risk free”. According their website, letting the car for sale is “risk free”, on the “consignment page”: “Let De Laveaga Motors sell your vehicle hassle and risk free – we’ll do that as quickly as possible and for the best price! BENEFITS OF CONSIGNMENT: EXPOSURE Our showcase has 28,000 drive bys daily. Advertising includes print, internet and a national dealer and customer network. Over 80% of consigned vehicles are sold within 30 days. FINANCE The majority of cars sold are financed-we offer competitive finance and lease options to buyers. TRADES Over 70% of buyers have trade-ins. We offer competitive prices. Let De Laveaga Motors sell your vehicle hassle and risk free – we’ll do that as quickly as possible and for the best price!” Laurent went two times to this dealership, in order to meet the manager, so-called expert in Porsche. The 11th of august 2014, they signed an agreement to sell the car at $20.000 plus $2000 of commission. Laurent accepted to put the price of the car below the market, in order first, to sell it quickly, and second, to do easier the task of the dealership. When they signed, Scott STOCKER maliciously kept the title of the car, and gave another paper to sign, but he did not give a double, a copy of it, like he did for the original agreement. Laurent discovered later that Scott STOCKER had hidden to have kept the title, and he had to go back several times, meeting the sellers Andrew WHITMAN and Joey MOCCIA, to get back, but unsuccessfully. Laurent discovered later that Scott STOCKER put the price ofr sale at $39.990, so the double of the price asked by Laurent GRANIER to sell it quickly, but worse, a price above the market, and impossible to sell. Laurent discovered that Scott STOCKER used plaintiff’s time and money to make more money without him knowing and agreement. Worse, summer time being the best time to sell a convertible has been wasted by Scott STOCKER’s dishonest behaviour. When Laurent wanted to have his car back, in september 2014, Andrew WHITMAN told to plaintiff that Scott STOCKER was able to buy the car, and he had just to pass by the office to take the check. In fact, it was a strategy to make lose time and energy to Laurent because when plaintiff came to take the check, Scott STOCKER was not there to do it. Laurent came back another time and that time, Scott STOCKER was not there and Andrew WHITMAN told to plaintiff that Scott STOCKER was not able to buy the car at this price, and if he wanted to get his car back, he has to pay $1000. As it was blackmail, robbery and scam, Laurent refused. Laurent still saw the ad about his car, posted by the band Scott STOCKER, Andrew WHITMAN and Joey MOCCIA at the price of $34990 on craigslist. Laurent came back to the dealership twice, meeting first, the of october 2014, Andrew WHITMAN who told to plaintiff to pay $1000 to get his car back, doing unlawful withholding and using blackmail, and a second time, on monday 13th of october 2014, Scott STOCKER who was continuing to blackmail plaintiff by theatrening him to put a security bond on the title, even threatening him by wanting to hit plaintiff. Scott STOCKER stopped only when Laurent told him he was recording. Scott STOCKER warned Plaintiff he was able to call Police. Laurent understood that something wrong was present in this small city like corruption of authorities when a criminal dares to call the Police against his victim, or when a person is able to commit several criminal offenses with no fear of justice, and continuing to do more, being not afraid by authorities, as being sure to be protected by a kind of impunity. Something unlawful like corruption. Plaintiff has had the confirmayion of his doubts of corruption when he tried to file a criminal complaint to the Police of Santa Cruz. In addition, following the blackmail and the threats made by Scott STOCKER on Laurent GRANIER, plaintiff went the same day, monday 13th of october 14, to Police Station of Santa Cruz to deposit a criminal complaint for blackmail, threat, scam and robbery against Scott Stocker and Andrew Whitman. A police officer, Nathan VASQUEZ met Plaintiff with nothing in hand, no paper, no no pen, no laptop. Nathan VASQUEZ did not care about the case, the situation of the Plaintiff, as he had yet in mind not to report it, as he knew yet it, as he had in mind to make Plaintiff give it up, as he will not write anything against the criminals, as he wanted to help the criminals by obstruction of justice. In fact, he was busy by his sticking plaster (Band-Aid) at one of his finger, telling Plaintiff he can’t write anything, canning not to hold a pen… At once, Plaintiff came to Mayor’s office to warn her about corruption behaviour and obstruction of justice made by a police officer under her responsibility. People was good at the different offices of the City Hall until the time Plaintiff wanted to file a complaint. Kristina SANTANA at the front desk refused to give him a receipt, a certificate about his filing case, what is against the Law. Otherwise, the internal affairs of the city, « Risk Management Office » takes 45 days to study each case, letting criminals to do what they want and they need. At the end, Laurent lost, first the opportunity to sell his car in summer, second to save money, third to get money, fourth his car and fifth the opportunity to sell his car to clients who wanted to buy it at the right price.

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