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Published: 27 June 2018

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From:”Francesca Higgins” Date:Wed, Mar 25, 2015 at 11:32 AM Subject:Great Vacancy Dear —- , Our Company is hiring new employees, who will help us to run our business. The open vacancy is ‘Operations Coordinator’. Our experts have looked through big job portals and made up the list of potential candidates for the vacancy. You were included into the list. I am sending you this message in regards of the vacancy. Being in our business you will evaluate its advantages. You will grow with us in good environment and you will have career prospect. Let me give you brief description of this vacancy: – Location: USA, no relocation; – Salary: $2200 per your probationary period (3 weeks period) and $4100 per month when the probationary period is over; – Working hours: on probation (9 AM – 1 PM); full-time (9 AM – 5 PM). You will have a variety of duties such as: – coordinating and developing new hire process, performing some paperwork and different HR duties; – sorting out and recording information on clients; – controlling financial transfers between our employees/clients and the company. Please send me the email with your first and last names to confirm that you are interested in our vacancy. I will also need the telephone number to reach you directly. Please send it to me in your reply. Sincerely, HR department. —I sent them an email asking them what the name of the company was & I received a reply from a completely different person (below is from ‘Crystal Day’ and above email from ‘Francesca Higgins’) giving me this so-called business info. Although the website appears to be real, no where on there will you find a DIRECT contact information (phone , address, email…nothing except basic company email contact which is not even legit) From:”Crystal Day” Date:Tue, Mar 31, 2015 at 11:40 AM Subject:Re: Great Vacancy Dear —–, The name of the company is DE. Please visit our official website to learn more about us. My response to their email: “Thank you for sending me the website link, but I believe it confused me even more as to what is needed or expected of me? Can you please be more specific in the job requirements and details? What do I need to do the job? What kind of training will I get?” This is most recent reply to my inquiry. I was trying to obtain as much info as I could to share with everyone just how ridiculously believeble they can be. “I would like to thank you for your reply. It is very important for us. Your choice of this position can bring you valuable experience. Besides our professionals have career prospects and growth. You can also have it as the Company is enlarging. Anticipating your questions I would like to describe the essence of the job. It will be comparatively brief though (I hope) sufficient to understand its main aspects and your responsibilities. The training is done online and lasts for 3 weeks. Throughout this period your direct supervisor provides you with recommended manuals, training projects and access to our clients’ database when it is needed to help us with distribution of bonuses and salaries. Your daily duties are making correspondence with your supervisor, preparing the reports given to you, answering phone calls and learning all the options we offer for training. When the physical office is in your local area there still will be vacancies to work from home. You will be first paid after the training period in the amount of $2200. A full-time Operations Coordinator’s salary is $4100 per month. You may also be suggested bonuses for the work of high quality (during the training and when you are a full-time employee). Further details on the job may be found in the document below. Please review it carefully, fill and sign it if you agree to start.” Sincerely, Crystal Day, DE Company HR representative .

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