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Published: 30 June 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Almost 3 (three) years ago I contacted Dealer License Group to help me with my dealer license. Within few days I had my license in hands through the State of Indiana. They sounded very honest when I first started to talk to them and in 2 years doing business with them, everything went well. I made a deal with Dealer License Group, which was to pay the commercial office rent for 1 whole year in advance; it made my life easier so I did not need to worry about it for the period of time and also their life easier too, because they did not have to worry about cashing/depositing a check every month. I thought I could trust them after 2 years, I never imagined I had thought so wrong!!! As I moved passed my 2 (two) year mark, I paid again for another year in full and I have the copy of the check in the amount of 3,600.00 that was posted on 08/01/2013 However, 1 1/2 (one and one half) month into my new year, the State of Indiana closed my business. This event happened on September 17th of 2013. After few phone calls to the Indiana State dealer division department, they told me their decision was final. I submitted my cancellation letter to Dealer License Group on the 24th of September of 2013 and I asked for a refund of my rent that I had paid in advance; They told me that in 30 business days they would issue me a check for my 2,700.00 refund. I have called many time, I left at least 4 messages, and when I speak with someone, he/she tells me Maurice (President of Dealer License Group) or Adrian (Vice- President Od Dealer License Group) will get back to me to talk about my refund and nobody calls. I paid a visit to their office located on November 7th 2013 at 714 Enterprise Drive Suite 103 in Oak Brook, IL 60523 and I left them a note to them saying that if I did not get my refund in 7 days, I would file this complaint with Better Business Bureau. On the 15th of November of 2013 I called them 4 times, I finally got to speak with Adrian and he said he would mail my refund of $2,700.00 in 6 weeks which would fall on the second week of the New Year. I e-mailed them to ask about the status of my refund and they never got back to me and here I am on this 6th day of March of the year 2014 and there is no refund. I worked hard for this money and these dishonest people don’t seem to have intention to give it back to me. I did not give the money to them. I am done trying to reach them and playing their game. My next step is a lawsuit if I don’t get my refund. And I will put your name out there.

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