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Published: 19 March 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

This is an addition to my initial complaint I filed on 1/12/2014. Please see the original complaint for details. Mr. Adrian Kiglies, VP of Dealer License Group, still has not returned my $300.00 security deposit and $150.00 prorated rent as he said he would and which is a legal binding agreement they put in their lease agreements and contract. When I would attempt to contact Mr. Adrian Kioglies a representative told me he was busy with BMAK Auctions which Mr. Adrian Kiglies is also VP of. I filed a complaint with the BBB in November of 2013 about the business practices of Dealer License Group. A representative would respond to the complaint at their leisure which eventually resulted in Dealer License group being revoked from the BBB. On 3/22/2014 Mr. Adrian Kiglies responded to the BBB and said “” Per Dealer license Group policy he is entitled to $150 prorated rent and his deposit of $300 and we will send it to him via US mail. DLG is not responsible for his application getting turned down because of issues with his background check or new state legislation changes. He was aware of the policies by signing up all of our documents. Since his cancellation he has proceeded to file a complaint thought the BBB and several other websites to defame DLG. We consider this matter closed and a check is being mailed to him next week. “” On 3/26/2014 I sent and email to Dealer License Group inquiring about my refund as Mr. Kiglies said he would. On 3/27/2014 Mr. Adrian Kiglies responded back with “”As I agreed with my response to the BBB below I will honor such refund… As you might know we resigned from the BBB and show revoked because of this unresolved complaint…. so at this point there is really nothing to lose and do now intend to regain certification as we are moving on to do other things… I want to work with you and do what’s fair. Though I will need you to take down your online complains (skypes, FB and R.O.R). As soon as I see those come off you I will notify Ana to mail the check for $450. As you might know we keep files on all customers and business for up to 7 years and resorting to defamation tactics are not my style and I really would prefer to keep things that way and move on amicably. I hope we can resolve this situation promptly….”” First of all I should have received my refund in December of 2013, why did he wait until March of 2014 to admit he owes me a refund. If he would have been an honest businessman on integrity I would not have had to file any complaint. Second, I still have not received any refund as he said he would to the BBB. Third, after he filed his rebuttal to the BBB they changed their listed address with the BBB for Dealer License Group to 760 W Main St Bloomfield IN 47424 from 714 Enterprise Dr Ste 103, Oak Brook, IL 60523. Fourth, after reading Mr. Adrian Kiglies email response from 3/27/2014, I feel the comment he made “” As you might know we keep files on all customers and business for up to 7 years and resorting to defrimation tactics are not my style and I really would prefer to keep things that way and move on amicably””. In my opinion I feel as if Mr. Adrian Kiglies is making a threat to me and if Mr. Adrian Kiglies is stating that he will release my personal information that will be a violation on his part. If Mr. Kiglies would have honored the contract and returned the monies owed in December of 2014, I would not have filed the complaint. I still would have filed with the BBB because of the misrepresentation and failure to diclose information on the part of representatives of Dealer License Group. I have observed other complaint filed on the internet and see I am not the only one that has had issues of dishonesty with Mr. Adrian Kiglies or Dealer License Group. I feel as Mr. Adrian Kiglies takes the approach that this is a civil mater and wait and see if people wish to spend up front monies to lodge a civil case. I would recommend for anyone that has had issues with Dealer License Group to gather all contracts, emails, and written communication with Dealer License group, make a file and send it to your home state Attorney General, Illonios and Indiana Attorney General, and the Illonios and Indiana Secretary of State. This way it will at least be on file. Also if wronged by their sister company when getting your insurance, Dealer Insurance Group, you can file a complaint with the Indiana Department of Insurance. .

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