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Published: 25 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Richard Bello, one of the owners of Dealers Solutions initiated contact with me over 1 year ago. He claims that the Dealers Solutions Group is a huge company that is not weak or broke. He networked with a few sales trainers in the automotive industry and talked about creating a network. Dealers Solutions Group had no guideline as to the direction they were going to go in. Every day there was a new idea or service that they wanted to launch but there was never anything that was ever set in stone. Richard Bello and Vince Naso the owners of the Dealers Solutions Group seemed to like me and my ideas. We struck an agreement that I was going to build a social network ( We agreed on $2,000 for the project with $800 down initially and Dealers Solutions Group would pay for the platform. I worked tirelessly building the network and with their developper for graphics and ideas. Once the site was built I was to get paid the remainer of the $1200. The first red flag is that Richard Bello took weeks to make payment. The second red flag is that he used paypal and only sent $400. I had to battle to get the other $400. PayPal took their fees and I got a little less then $400 each time. The platform was built but was undergoing an upgrade. The upgrade took away some key features of the site temporarily for about 2 months. However, as the update was being completed all of the features would be available and the site was going to be completed. Richard Bello desputed the second payment of $400 with PayPal. Even after evidence of proposal. contract and communication PayPal decided to award Richard Bello his money back. This left my PayPal account in the negative for $400. Vince Naso and Richard Bello promised to get me that money back and for over 6 months now I have not recieved a penny. I was promised a check 3 weeks ago and I still have not recieved anything. Richard Bello communicates by text message. He is cannot write and anyone that communicates with him will notice that he writes like a 5 year old. The way that Dealers Solutions Group operates is very unprofessional. BUYER BEWARE. Becareful of dealing with Dealers Solutions Group. They talk a huge game but they are nothing but a huge scam. I thought they were a legitimate business and recommended them to an affiliate partner of mine. .

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