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Dean Cole Financial

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Published: 02 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

So, I was having trouble with FB, as he has a secret group there for insider information about his course content. Very interactive, which I couldn’t do while FB kept giving me group problems. I told him I was having trouble with that platform, and suddenly, he didn’t want to talk on the phone anymore. I was frantic and trying to get him (or his company) to listen to how I was feeling before another payment came out of my account. | I kept calling and getting his answering service & the run-around. I wanted him to stop charging my bank account until I sorted out what was going on with FB. Instead, a woman who answered once, made some rude kind of comment about me not being able to stop them from charging my account for the rest of the school year. I said, “Wanna bet!!??” | I then called my bank and put a stop-payment on his account, to force them to deal with me reasonably. I called her back and told her I was having enough trouble with FB and didn’t need an extra headache of her being condescending towards me. Then, what I did about it. Instead talking with me, within an hour of laughing at her threat, they deleted my account. | I still had a couple weeks of the course for paying that month, and they took my money and ran. I only had a month or two before the end of the year. Come to find out, he never tells anybody that the course is only good for a year before he ups the price and makes you pay another 12 months or a reduced fee for paying for 1 year. That is not what he says at any time during his Lives and the contractual information doesn’t say that, either. | Definitely some kind of money-grabbing scam, where Dean Cole looks like he’s living a very successful life, but I think his so-called ‘high life’ is mostly from business credit; to chase women all over the globe, too (hahaha). I referred one of my friends to him, and after the way they treated me, he lost 2 customers instead of 1. Very shady indeed and poor customer service. | He acts like he knows everything, while I think his interests are purely selfish and geared towards truckers. Those are the people he praised the most during his YT Live videos. Even in his Lives on FB. I was in the process of starting a nonprofit, but his courses were geared towards profit businesses. He kept promising to come out with nonprofit courses, but when it came down to it, only for 501(c)3’s. I couldn’t figure out what his deal was, so I left him alone. I am a YT content creator as well and could’ve spread dirt about him. I also made Lives on FB. Instead of being a hypocrite, like him, I bounced and never looked back. | Oh, he also claimed that Navy Federal Credit Union dealt did righteous for small businesses, and that was a lie. For profit businesses, yes, but nonprofits, no! I never heard a work-around for that, and it was hell for me to get a personal account with them, let alone a business account. I didn’t get a business account, because NFCU said they only provide checking account services to nonprofits. Really? | Bad JuJu, Dean Cole!

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