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Dean Graziosi – The Real Estate Con Man

Scams aren’t a new thing. But I didn’t think they can seem so real. I used to be one of the firm believers in Dean Graziosi but this guy has lost all my confidence and made me realize that one should always think twice before trusting someone.

He is a criminal who is targeting the middle class of America and if possible, other countries through his useless courses and schemes. He promises to make you rich but in reality, he’s only filling his pockets. His courses are nothing but a bunch of lame tips and his seminars, oh don’t get me started. He has a company, sure, but it’s full of rascals who have no idea on how to treat their customers or handle complaints.



I’ve fallen prey to Dean’s schemes already and I wanted to spread awareness about him. He has successfully created a fake persona and with its help, he is getting thousands of people to buy his low-quality courses. If you remember the old scams of ‘get rich schemes’ and ‘Nigerian princes’, think of Dean Graziosi as an advanced form of the same.

I hope you’ll heed my advice and stay away from this sleaze. If anything, he’s a high-level criminal who has the money and the resources to run such a huge scam. He is fooling everyone. That’s why you should read this article further; it will open your eyes and reveal some of his darkest secrets.

Who is Dean Graziosi?

Before I start telling about Dean’s company and his schemes, let’s first discuss his life story. His bio, which is present on his website, says that he was born and raised in Marlboro, New York. He has an older sister and was raised mostly by his grandmother and mother.

Now, to seem like a good guy and a hero of some sort, his bio adds, ‘his growing was no easy’ and ‘his family faced many financial problems’. Who are you trying to fool this way, Dean? Are we supposed to believe you came from rags to riches just like that, with a click?

His story doesn’t end here, it states he had already moved 20 times before reaching the age of 19 and he never went to college. He’s trying to imply that going to college isn’t worth it.

When everyone is scared of getting laid off and planning on upgrading one’s skills, this guy is implying that education isn’t necessary. But that’s not the red flag. The red flag is his entrepreneurial story, according to which, he bought his first real estate property before the age of 20. He got the deal through his clever mind and not with money. Yes, he says that he made the deal with no money down.

That’s his personal story. His professional story is more attractive.

Professionally, he has written multiple best-sellers including ‘Totally Fulfilled’ and ‘Be a Real Estate Millionaire: Secret Strategies for Lifetime Wealth Today.” This fact was the main reason why I got fooled. If your pockets are full of stolen money, you will not find it hard to sell many books. It’s all about marketing and Dean knows that. He is a shrewd criminal and that’s why he doesn’t get caught so easily.

He claims that he is a real estate mogul but he doesn’t share much information about his real estate holdings company in his bio. However, he discusses his content production company in much detail. Why is that? Because that’s what gets him the money.

There’s no proof of how many real estate deals he does in a year. Anyone can claim to do a lot of deals but if you can’t share any numbers or details, it raises some red flags. He simply mentions the name of his real estate management company, JBB Enterprises LLC. He doesn’t hesitate to flaunt his charity work.

What I’m trying to say is, Dean Graziosi’s story has a lot of plot holes. He has created a fabricated story to lure people and trick them into believing that Dean is a genius. If you remove all the pomp and show, there’s no logical reason to trust Dean. The guy doesn’t have an education, there’s no proof of his professional experience and his sources of income (apart from his courses) are quite shady. I wish I had thought of these earlier but like any problem-ridden person, I was too distracted by his pomp and show.


Dean Graziosi stole my $2000!!!

Dean conducts seminars and events for real estate enthusiasts. His most popular even is the 3-day workshop or the Real Estate Investment Class. He charges $1997 for attending this event. Unfortunately, I fell for this scam. This erratic piece of crap is nothing but a bunch of useless advice and promos of his other courses and materials.

This is how he’s earning all these big bucks. How do you think he’s able to run all these TV commercials and host these events? He’s stealing the money from normal people like you and me. The only difference between Dean and a low-level thug is the former is doing the crimes in a more sophisticated way and at a large scale.

Initially, I didn’t consider going to his 3-day workshop. It happened when I thought of getting one of his courses. He has many attractive Real Estate courses up for sale and some books available for free. To get those courses, you first have to enter your credit card information. That alone was a big red flag but I didn’t think much of the same.

After all, I was supposed to develop the habits of millionaires. Why would I care about such a little detail? This is where I went wrong. I got the FREE book from them. I read it, and it gave some general advice like work hard and stay motivated, just generic material. In the end, it was recommended to go to one of the seminars for a better learning experience.

I thought the book was offered free so there must have not been much available. I chose to get a ticket for the 3-day workshop of Dean. When I went to the event I realized how pathetic it was. It cost me $2000 and what I got in return was promotions of more of his products.

He gave some advice on real estate, I won’t lie but it’s all present on the internet. Go to a website or start reading a blog, and you will get more information spending your $2000 and 3 days for some useless lecture. Most of the time, the event was about all the other products you can purchase from this thief and get some more knowledge.

I think for Dean, knowledge is knowing about his products. Buy this course, buy that book, that’s all you will get to hear in one of his events. I lost my $2000 and 3 days but I learned a valuable lesson: Never get anything without cross-checking.

Trashy Customer Support:

My problems did not end with his seminar alone. After a week of going to his seminar, I received a message that $300 were deducted from my account for purchasing the book from Dean. Yes, the free book they gave me cost me $300. I contacted the customer support of Dean’s website and asked for a refund. I hadn’t made any purchase but they still deducted the sum from my account.

The customer support started giving me vague answers like ‘We aren’t aware of any purchase’ and ‘We’ll get back to you sir’. Those morons thought I was a fool. I was already frustrated with the $2000 workshop which just games a load of crappy and useless advice.

I had to call the customer support multiple times and I can’t recall how many times I was ignored. Whenever I would ask to connect with a superior, they would just put me on hold and make me wait. I rarely got to talk to a senior executive. And when I got the chance, they said they will look into the matter.

But I never received my refund. They wrongfully took money from my account and didn’t give me the money back. Dean Graziosi’s whole company is based on scams and lies. I’m not the only customer who has faced this issue. Many others have faced this problem as well. Some wanted to cancel their purchase of the event ticket while some hadn’t even bought anything.

But they all had to pay Dean’s website for the fake purchase. I found a complaint where the customer wanted to cancel the ticket for an event right after purchase due to an emergency. Can you guess what they did? They never gave him a refund.

Dean’s website is a FRAUD. And he isn’t stopping. In fact, he is continuously working towards building his fake personality and fooling more people into buying his useless crappy tools. Instead of attending any one of his seminars or getting his worthless courses, you should buy a real book from someone who is qualified enough and knows what real estate really is.

Using Social Media to hide his crimes

I have already mentioned that Dean is a shrewd criminal. He knows how to trick people into believing his fake stories and false claims. But to do that, he needs to attract them first and he does so through this social media presence.

He has a strong following on social media platforms. He posts rarely on twitter but without any effort, he has over 10,000 followers on this platform. A similar situation is present on most of his social media accounts. That begs the question, “How is it possible?”

My guess is, he is using bots and fake accounts for showing a good following. Everyone believes the guy who has over 10,000 followers. He has published many fake reviews for his products and seminars too. There is no clear way to verify the reviews present on his website.

But as you drift away from his site and platforms and go to other places, you will begin to multiple other users who are sick of this guy. He has stolen money from rich and poor alike.  People who didn’t even have $50 in their accounts were charged $100 and more only for enrolling on his website. I’m not the only victim of Dean and his vicious schemes. But through his fake persona and social media presence, he is still able to convince other people that he is a reliable expert.


He has over 350,000 followers on Instagram because he is very active there. Dean doesn’t hesitate in spending some bucks for social media promotion and his Instagram profile is a fine example of the same. He has a link in his Instagram for free training.  That’s his first bait to get people trapped in his scam.  He posts content on Instagram regularly for the sake of his reputation. He knows that if he doesn’t spend enough money for his fake persona, he would get destroyed within a few weeks.


Have you ever seen how a bot-operated twitter page looks like? If you want to then take a look at Dean Graziosi’s page. His Twitter profile has over 10,000 followers and more than 5000 posted tweets. But none of them provides any value.

They all are promotions of his books and courses. That’s it. If you want to fill your Twitter feed with photos of Dean and his books, then be my guest. You will keep seeing the links to his low-quality BS-filled YouTube videos and updates on his latest books and courses. If you think his Twitter page will help you get any real estate advice, you’re wrong.



Facebook is notorious for its fake accounts and Dean’s Facebook is a live example of the same. Here, he has over 1.5 million followers. With that many followers, he can be considered a strong social media influencer. The reality is, they all are fake.  This scumbag has been using fake accounts to show that he has millions of followers.

What does he get from faking his followers? More money. When you see a guy with over a million followers, you don’t think twice in paying him money for anything. The person seems trustworthy and Dean takes advantage of this fact. Take a look at his Facebook page and it’s full of crap. You will not find anything of value except some shitty nonsense about motivation.



YouTube is a little more strict than Facebook in terms of removing bots. So the guy who has over a million followers on Facebook only has 30k subscribers on YouTube. That too, when he has over 500 videos present on his channel.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Dean puts a lot of effort to seem like a real expert. He doesn’t want anybody to even get a hint that he is a fraud and a cheat. And for this purpose, he is spending money generously because he gets to steal from everyone who gets allured by these fake numbers. Some chumps might think that Dean Graziosi is a trustworthy guy because of these numbers alone. I was one of those chumps and I still regret my decision of buying those useless tickets.

His social media presence is his main tool for tricking people into thinking that he is a trustworthy guy. If you will take a minute and check the kind of content he posts first, you will realize that it’s not worth spending your cash on. You will see that he posts spammy, useless and shitty content on all of his social media pages. And even after publishing such low-quality content, he is able to generate these many followers. Some might say being on TV helped him but still, his content quality is so bad that if you ask a social media expert, you will see that Dean is a FRAUD and his followers are false.

 Reviews of his courses, books and seminars:

His website can fool anyone. It fooled me so you can understand how annoying it is for me to know that his website is still up and cheating many other innocent people. You will find the links to all of his social media accounts on his website, which I told you about and how they show that he is a sham. You will also find his courses and books which you can purchase.

I had downloaded his Millionaire Success Habits ebook which was available for free from his website. I hate to admit it but I was also cheated by the glitz and glamour of Dean’s website. On the home page, you can clearly see many books available for free but to get them, you will need to provide these thieves with your credit card info.

They won’t you charge you immediately for the books, they are smart. They will charge you later and deduct the amount directly from your credit card. This is how they took $300 from me and similar amounts from many other people. I am discussing some complaints from other customers to show you that Dean is running is a scam on a large scale.

  • No Refunds:


One of his customers had posted a review stating that he never received a refund for a bought course. Dean’s company had promised him the refund but even after waiting for 3 weeks he did not get a penny back.

Dean’s company is fast in taking money from your pockets but it returns the same to you. Not only that, they did not respond to any of his queries after the request for a refund. You can see how pathetic these guys are and why you should stay away from them.

  • Automatic Deduction:


Another customer lost around $40 due to the same reason I lost my $300. She wanted to check the website and get the free book. But for the book, she had to enter her credit card info. They charged her $40 and that caused her an NSF fee. She did not receive a refund from Dean’s company as well.

  • Lying:




Another customer had posted that he attended the ‘Millionaire Success Habits Seminar’ in 2018 to listen to Dean. But Dean was absent. He did not speak at the seminar. Instead, there was someone else. He was promised on the site that Dean will be speaking in the event. They had charged him $997 for the event and they did not give him any refunds.

One customer was disappointed with the quality of content he received in the courses. The material wasn’t updated and most it was just a compilation of his old YouTube videos. You can see that Dean’s scam has affected many people. This is the situation when he keeps posting fake positive reviews for his products and service.

It’s clear now how low Dean can go. Because he steals money in terms of $40 or $300 so no one suspects him. His credit card fraud must be put to a stop because if he isn’t stopped now, I don’t know how many lives he will ruin the future.



Dean Graziosi is a criminal who is doing scams on a large scale. He is lying to thousands of people internationally and tricking them into buying his useless courses. All of his seminars give the same old rubbish advice and provide no value to the visitors. His fake positive persona and social media presence help him in luring people and cheating them.

I have already lost over $2000 to Dean’s company. His customer support is pathetic and doesn’t process any refunds. Numerous people have voiced their concerns over the presence of this criminal and he should be put behind the bars. Dean constantly lies about everything and it won’t be new if he keeps lying in the future.

Both he and his company should be banned from operating in our country. He is a vicious criminal and such a step will do a lot of good to society. If that can’t happen, then the least you can do is stay away from this guy and save yourself.

Should he be allowed to ruin lives like this? Why isn’t anyone taking action against him? Share your experience here if you have been a victim of Dean’s greed and selfishness.


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