Deana Gozder

Deana Gozder

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Published: 26 January 2021

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When more of the same is not good enough, we are ready for change; our body’s logic propels us in the direction of someone or something that will serve as a launching pad. People who feel that the time is right to veer from the worn path and start the journey towards a more satisfying life, acknowledge that counseling is good start. The question is, where is a workable re-starting point? The starting point is with a non-judgmental counselor with clarity to help you discover that you have workable solutions within. Sometimes it’s difficult to see those solutions through the fog of life. I offer an intimate setting and give undivided attention to you, the client, to make life “better”. This can be physical, spiritual, emotional, and/or relational. Bringing “stuck” thoughts into the light dissipates fear and shame; working through the difficulty of Life takes bravery but is the only way to freedom. Throughout life we experience times when we need objectivity to work thorough what has become a maze in the mind; I know what this feels like and have been in that same position. Therapy is a tool that we use when it is necessary; it is built of talking, caring and trust. It is sacred in its nature of being invited to understand another’s angst.

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