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Published: 01 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I was a volunteer at Diana Peters and Death Row Dogs in Homestead Florida appx. 6-7 years ago. I used to go there 2 or 3 times a week and spend 3-4 hours there working. I went there for several months. When I would go there the first thing I would do in the morning would to go into the kitchen and start washing dog bowls. I have never in my life seen a more disgusting environment that not even animals should live in. There were dead animals in garbage bags in the refrigerator and food that was so covered in mold and bugs that I almost vomited when I opened up the refrigerator. There was unwrapped food in there that had rotted and disintegrated to the point that you could not tell what it had been and for some reason she didn’t care at all! The house is full of dogs and large groups of sick animals in certain bedrooms behind closed doors. I bought her a shop vacume and my next chore was to clean the floors. It was horrible that she lets those animal live in puddles of urine that have accumulated underneath all the furniture up against the walls and feces that have petrified and become stuck to the tile floors all over and she lives alone right in the middle of the most disgusting filthy place I have ever seen. It reminds of that show “animal Hoarders” in terms how filthy and neglected the animals and their environment were, it was shocking!! Sure enough she may have saved them from death but I got to tell the public that if those animals are worth loving and saving they deserve BETTER! There was a bullet hole in her window and she told me that one of the dogs escaped and went on to the neighbors property and killed one of their pets and they fired a round through the window. In the morning I would have to repair the damage from vandalism that would happen around the proety during the night by her nieighbors who all wanted her gone. One day I came in and all 4 of her tires had been slashed! One day a dog escaped on to the neighbors property and when i went over there to get it, the woman that lived there was hostile to an incredible level. She screamed at me that Diana had ruined their home, their peace and their neighborhood. She threatened me for going into her unfenced property to get the dog. The level of hatred that her neighbors had for her was incredible. Now let me say that this was my first experience working with rescued animals and I knew nothing about it other than I had seen a story on c hannel 10 news. I tooked the dirtiest lowest jobs there like going around the property and washing the poop away with a hose and doing the same inside a group of 4 or 5 fenced in kennels. Once I approached Dr. Bern Levine the owner of Jungle Island to ask him for a donation of food. He owns Iams dog food and he had just attended their national show and they decided to discontinue and expensive line of dog food that is shaped in the form of bones because it was so expensive. He donated to me a pallet full with several thousand dollars of this product that I picked up in my pick up truck and delivered to her. So I made a good effort to help her. The amount of rage and hostility that came out of Diana’s filthy profane mouth directed at anyone that critisized her was outrageous. I was a recip[ient of a lot of hostility by her neighbors for just being there as a volunteer and I thought they were wrong until I spent time there to see the truth. She is mentally unstable and has a violent temper. I witnessed dozens of incidences where she was fighting with neighbors, volunteers and people who gotten dogs from her and then returned to compalin about her crazy and verbally abusive behavior. On dozens of occassions I witnessed her lying to people and the authorities continually. She got in repeated trouble with Dade county for too many dogs and she has this female firefighter who is her associate and they would load dogs up in the firefighters vehicle and drive them around when the authorities would schedule an inspection. They snuck around like criminals all in the name of “saving the animals!” But I got to tell you that I believe that those precious animals deserve better and if they are worth saving and caring for then it should be done legally and surely ETHICALLY! That is why she is ALWAYS IN CONFLICT WITH THE MAJORITY OF PEOPLE WHO CROSS HER PATH!! See God cannot bless any endeavor that is handled by violence, profanity, lying and slandering anyone who compalins. It was quite amazing how trusted and dedicated volunteers would be slandered and libeled by Diana once they would leave there and try to expose the truth without fail and as a matter of routine. And it was astounding how whatever fight Diana was involved in was “never her fault but always the other party she always claimed had wronged her.” ALWAYS! She went to court several times when I was volunteering there and lost everytime because of her lack of honesty. She was eventually thrown out and moved a number of years ago to ft. lauderdale and I am amazed that these many years later the fighting, lying, violating the laws and generally warring with most everyone who is around her continues unabated. Now let me say this, she loves those dogs unequivocally but I think that if the cause of saving them is a noble one which it is, it should be handled with a level of decency, integrity and honor so maybe God could bless her efforts. But by her hostility, disgusting filthy lifestyle and constant problems with the local authorities and anyone that crosses her unfavorably she tarnishes the cause completely! In my opinion she uses the reason/excuse of “saving dogs” as a justification of her violent, profane mouth and unethical treatment of those animals and the people associated with them. She hides behind her great cause and the people that support her have apparently turned a blind eye to these realities. Or maybe they see it but choose to ignore it. Now I am sure as is her pattern, once she reads this she will lie about me in some way to try to discredit me but when I walked out of that digusting home she said “Oh anytime you would like to return I would love to have you back!” I did the nastiest and lowest chores around that place with a pure heart because I love animals too but after reading so many similar complaint that have been ongoing for years I felt the need to expose the truth that I experienced there! .

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