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Debra Corbin/Doyle Brown Jr./Melissa Corbin Review

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Published: 01 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

We have Property in Detroit Michigan. We changed our property management firm as they were not looking out for our best interests and was going to use One Step Realty, which incidentally was written up in The Rip Off Report, so I cancelled using their services after reading about it about Mike Anderson the owner, but decided on using their subcontractor, Mommy’s Little Helper (Owner Debra Corbin, Doyle Brown Jr. and Melissa Corbin.) I guess I should have done my due diligence first. They (Mommy’s Little Helper of Charlotte Michigan), told us they would repair our property for $2,900 (as our former property management quoted us $12,000), so I thought this was a great deal! I had sent them an initial payment of $281.00 for a lock change and “winterization” ($65.00 material, $125.00 labor and the rest for “winterization”) If they actually “winterized” our property, or changed the locks, I have no idea. Then I sent them as per their next invoice which we immediately paid the sum of $1,976.85 on 12/05/2014 for material needed to be used. After that, we drove to our property in December to meet with them, Debra Corbin, Doyle Brown and Melissa Corbin. Upon meeting them, I thought them “friendly” and bought them a bottle of wine while they painted, working on our property. Looks can be deceiving as I let my guard down. I thought I “was in good hands” even though they were subcontractors for a fraudulent company (One Step Realty/Mike Anderson see Rip Off Report) I specifically told them under no circumstances to give the keys to One Step Realty. Birds of a feather flock together. This was all a ploy as they hadn’t done anything to our property except go through the motions of painting our property (as they knew we would be visiting), and telling us what needs to be done to our property. I was beguiled by these schemers. Mike Anderson even called to tell me he was angry I was using his subcontractors. Debra Corbin mentioned to me that she (Mommy’s Little Helper) is licensed. Well gee, I wasn’t even thinking about that. How naive I was. I was even planning to introduce at least seven other property owners we know with property in the Detroit area.Then she mentioned about a firm she knows called Furnace Guru. I didn’t think anything of it at the time as why would I be needing a new furnace, I already have one, but got suspicious after our property got broken into at night for the first time according to a neighbor. Our property had been vacant for six months until then and had never been broken into before. Nothing was taken. They (Momma Little Helper) said maybe someone need a place to crash for the night as is common in the Detroit area in Winter. Hmmm… This is the month of December, and by New Years, it had been broken into twice more. I had called the Detroit police, but as you know the dire situation of Detroit, it was useless, and being out of state, I felt hopeless. The furnace, water boiler, taken on the second “hit” and the copper piping in the walls and other items on the third “hit.” The neighbor said he had seen the same pickup truck that had been working on our property driving around the property after we had our new property managment firm change the locks, so Mommy’s Little Helper would have to deal with them to complete the job they promised us. Hmmmm….again. If any reader here knows what is going on in Detroit these days, I don’t doubt the neighbor’s observation. Mommy’s Little Helper was involved in the breakins—Why didn’t I see this coming. I called Debra to see if she could help and she said she would send Doyle Brown Jr. over to secure our property. Sending the fox to guard the chicken coop. Mind you, this is the dead of winter and they are two hours away. I’m thinking—Gee, what nice people! After calling Debra Corbin to ask for the promised photos of the “job” they did, she stopped answering my phone calls. Our new property management firm sent us photos of the damage to our property. The place was stripped. Nothing had been done after our visit. Then it dawned on me that these very same people we had paid a total of $3,354.09 to, Mommy’s Little Helper, had suckered us from the beginning. We are having to sell our property because of them as it has become useless to pour more money into this property. Hiring a lawyer would be wasting more money. Our dream of having steady income through this property was dashed, thanks to these losers. I guess I should read the warning signs about Debra Corbin and Mommy’s Little Helper. I rest my case. .

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