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They sold me a trashy car. 1/5 star company

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Published: 12 September 2019

Posted by: Chris Jordan

Last week I got into an unfortunate accident and my car was severely damaged and destroyed. I was looking into buying a car and happened to visit DeBruhl’s used car superstore and what an awful experience it was. It was my first time buying a car because my father used to take care of all that before. The staff at the store took advantage of me because I knew nothing about it and didn’t know what to do and what not to do. The salesman who was dealing with me was at his absolute worse and left no stone unturned to confuse me. He was not a good listener and did not answer any of my questions and was even impolite to me. They did not recommend any car within my budget and kept showing me an overly priced car range which was out of my league. I looked for a while and took some cars for a test drive and all this time they behaved very rudely and were impatient. I was looking for a nice car which is good on gas but they didn’t have any such cars available. I had a lot of problems picking out the cars that suit my taste and preference. They were very pushy and forceful and wanted to sell only the most expensive items available. The salesman had poor guiding skills and his knowledge base was very limited. I had to go out of my budget to purchase a car because they didn’t have a car in the low price range. An average salary person cannot afford to buy a car from this overpriced store. The staff is lazy and they took hours in taking care of the whole purchasing process. The car I bought didn’t meet my expectations at all. It started creating problems after a few days of use. They misguided me into buying a car that was not in good condition. The car looked appealing but it had major issues with it. They didn’t even let me check the car’s history report. The car could be stolen or could have been involved in criminal activity so as a buyer it was my right to check the history of the vehicle but they never gave me an option to do that. They dodged me into not doing a thorough inspection of the car and fooled me into selling a wasted car. I have limited knowledge of cars and they took advantage of that and sold me a defective car. Now I can’t even go back and claim my money back and they won’t even take the car back.
I am investing so much more money on the repairs even though I paid a fortune in purchasing it. If you want to save your sanity find a reliable place to shop because this store is a total disappointment.

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