Dedicated Delivery Professionals

Dedicated Delivery Professionals

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Published: 15 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Very simple situation that could have been avoided if the customer rep knew what customer service is. | we use transportation companies in our business to deliver our product in which is normally worth an average of 3-5 grand these items are to be delivered to very important customers by the way in times like today every business can not afford to loose a client. | Here is what happen, we scheduled a pick up for one pallet through DDp in which we called in and let them know that the items would be ready from 2pm and on this is normal procedures in fact if you call they ask if the pick up is ready now or for another time. second we had another client of our’s schedule there own pick up through DDP and was scheduled after 1pm. the drivers ends up arriving at 11am to pick up both orders, we let him know they where clearly not ready as we had scheduled the pick up after 2pm but i said no worries if you can wait 10 minutes or so i can have everything ready, driver said no that it all had to be through dispatch. so he took off and here is where the trouble began, i called and spoke to a young lady who was helpful to a certain degree meaning i kept hearing another lady in the background dictating orders so i politely ask if i could speak with her who turns out to be Wendy there main Dispatcher the lady who makes things happen at DDP………..wrong | I let her know that we scheduled after 2pm and if she could please rearrange a driver to pick up, it was very crucial as some of these items are for a very important client who needed the items for a event that same weekend. | well she gave me the worst attitude in the world arguing with me over a basic job, a simple i can not do it maybe would be ok but to go on talking about we should have had the items ready on time.. i agree but we still had 3 hours for that, well i let her know fine dont pick one order up as it was done by us but what about the other order scheduled by another client for us?? she still said no and that they will pick up tomorrow in which i said **** no!! how crazy you cant do your job today but you automatically think tomorrow you can still have my business LOL good luck. some may see this as a very simple problem but the major part is what they dont see, as a business owner i can not afford to loose or piss off any of my clients and thats what happen do to a third party my business is at risk. at the end of the day DDP needs to properly train their ” dispatcher ” for customer service, its horrible. i would be fired at my job for that. | Conclusion// If you care about your clients/ customers and for your own business dont put your trust on a company like DDP. trust me its worth paying a little more with a professional transportation company. | just having the chance of loosing a client is way to risky, so unless your like DDP an can afford to loose a client or two be my guess. |

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