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Published: 11 October 2019

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Deepak Kanyalal Nandwani (alias Peter Shaun, alias Peter Nandwani), a Singaporean, had sometime in 1986 cheated several thousand members of the public in USA with a fraudulent mail order business through the company SanTennis & Golf in Portland Oregon. He has believed to have cheated more than 5000 customers during this period and have possibly escaped with an approximate US3 million dollars. In USA (mid-1980s) He was wanted in 3 continents by the FBI, Interpol, US Customs and the US Postal Service. After managing to escape with a substantial sum of funds from the proceeds of the sale of tennis rackets and magazines, he managed to make a quick exit from the USA before the FBI, Interpol, US Customs and US Postal service were able to apprehend him. He managed to escape Portland Oregon and took refuge elsewhere. After escaping the authorities he moved back to Singapore in 1996 and decided to settle down and set up a trading business. He married his girlfriend Jamila Niyat. He bought over an approximate 30 year old established sign company “Movitex Signs and Systems (S) Pte Ltd” and managed to secure loans from several banks and money lenders in the course of his trading business. His wife Jamila Niyat stood as a guarantor for the loans taken from the banks. After a fall-out with his business partner, Mr Deepak decided to default on the payments due several banks and on a loan taken from a Money lending firm Ethoz Capital Ltd. He then decided to make another quick exit from Singapore by leaving the country immediately after arranging to sell of his residential apartment. Several civil summonses were issued against him and his wife (two of which by United Overseas Bank and the other by Ethoz Capital). Both his wife and him were declared officially bankrupt on Thursday 29th Nov 2013 by one of the banks that they had taken a loan from in the Singapore’s local newspaper the Straits Times. He is currently required by the Insolvency & Public Trustee’s Office (under Ministry of Law) to report to their office to address all of the outstanding payments due to their creditors who have filed their claims with them at the Subordinate Courts. References Copies of the articles from the 2 magazines, notices from Straits Times on his bankruptcy notice and notice from the Subordinate Courts of Singapore to appear in High Court). ^ Robin Deutsch (January 1987). “Ripped Off! A Mail Order Scandal”. Tennis Magazine. ^ Robin Deutsch (January 1987). “Mail Order Racket Exposed journal= Golf Digest Magazine”. ^ KhattarWong LLP (17 Nov 2013). “The Bankruptcy Act (Chapter 20)”. Straits Times of Singapore. ^ Rodyk & Davidson LLP (13 Nov 2013). “In the Subordinate Courts of the Republic of Singapore”. Straits Times of Singapore. .

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