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Published: 09 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Ordered a side by side of the KJV and Amplified bible, got an email with a tracking number and everything, said it would be shipped and arrive within 3-12 days, 2 weeks go by and i get a call saying they “need to confirm my shipping address” i send them an email in reply, they don’t respond, the tracking number isn’t updated but they obviously didn’t ship it yet if they are confirming my address. I paid for expedited shipping. I sent futher emails asking if they shipped it, no reply. I finally send an email saying to cancel my order now because i’m sick of waiting and they tell me right away that they didn’t get any of my previous emails and that they can’t cancel it because it “shipped out on time” Then i asked them if they didn’t get my previous messages, how then could it possibly have been shipped already since you “didn’t get my previous messages” where i sent them my shipping address for verification, they said once it crosses into canada they can’t refund it but they couldn’t ship it until they get my shipping address verified but they didn’t get my previous emails where i sent them that information. THEY ARE LIARS AND THIEVES, I’ve never been so tempted to visit georgia with a rifle and blow the brains out of a dishonest “christian”, It’s probably some muslim front in the first place, taking our money and pretending to be christian patriots and funding islamicifcation and chain immigration.

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