Deimos Supply Service

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Deimos Supply Service - Employment, Supply Chain Management Position Scam

Deimos Supply Service is allegedly a Denmark based company specializing in offshore oil excavation and related support activities. They have a very professional online presentation and process to attempt to gain access to your credit card and bank account information. Beginning with an online application process you will quickly receive notice of consideration for the position and a three-step process which includes security background check, financial background check and then reception into the trainee program which is a generous $2000.00 per month plus commissions for approximately fifteen hours work per week. During the first two weeks of training, they will tell you that you will be sent a smartphone with your first bonus check. Progression includes a regular part-time position with compensation of 54k plus commission and a full-time position with compensation of 132k base, plus commission and full benefits. Sound too good to be true? You will receive case studies to complete with deadlines to produce your reports. This can be very time consuming dependant on the effort you are willing to expend to remain in consideration for the position. And it certainly adds credibility to the companies process. The bottom line is their hook is they are seeking to expand into the USA market with twelve physical locations. From the beginning of the process, they make assurances that you will not be required to use your funds. Their approach is different, you will within two weeks be required to provide your credit card information and your payment is in the form of their paying on your outstanding balance. This is the financial process of your placing orders during your training. They will not be receptive to having an electronic credit or debit card issued or utilizing PayPal. They just need your credit card number. And incidentally, you will not find them when conducting a search of companies in Denmark. SCAM!!!!!!!!


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