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Published: 19 October 2018

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I went to this apartment building in order to find an apartment to rent because the sign outside indicated that there is vacancies. I entered the door that was ajar and went into the manager’s office. I asked around to people walking around if they know where the manager is and everyone coming and going said that the apartment manager is usually never around. I waited by the door of the apartment manager office for about an hour since my ride wasn’t coming back until 11am. The manager finally arrived and asked me if he could help me. I told him that i wanted to look at the aprtment for rent. He then said that me that there is a lot of noise around here and that if have a problem with lots of noise, i probably wouldn’t like it here. I asked to see the apartment anyways and he reluctantly showed it to me. It looked good enough and i told him that i’ll take it. He then informed me that there is a long application process and that i have to go get a money order or cashiers check for the deposit. I asked him to wait and told him that i would be right back. My ride arrived, so i went to go get the deposit around the corner at a 7-eleven store. When i came back the manager was nowhere to be found again. I waited and waited for 2 hours and he finally arrived. He told me at this time that the apartment had been rented to someone else in the mean time and that i didn’t return fast enough. I informed him that i was only 15 minutes and then he told me something that i will never forget. He told me “look, we just don’t like your kind around here!” he turned around and walked into his office and i just left. Ning long beach, california

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