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Published: 22 September 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

I went to Delray Shooting Center because it was highly recommended by a bunch of rednecks that I know who seem really sincere about their love for guns. I went in to have a $30 gas block changed on my AR-15. I was greated by a guy named Mike Jr. Greated was the wrong word, ignored and then yelled at. He yells, “”What do you want?!”” with his face all red. I thought to myself, ‘Wow, a guy with anger problems working at a gun store; what could possibly go wrong?”” I told him my problem and he said it would “”Take like 30 minutes for the gunsmith to check it out””. He welcomed me to buy a gun until then and if I wasn’t purchasing anything I had to wait outside for “”safety reasons””. I said I would look at their selection but had no intentions of buying. While looking over the guns I heard a huge sound from he gunsmith room and a guy yelled, “”Crap, broke another one!”” I then asked what that was about and they pushed me outside and said “”Mind your own business you left wing liberal!”” I waited for a couple hours as I was afraid to go back in.During this time dozens of people who looked like they belonged on duck dynasty kept going in and walking out with huge guns telling me “”You saw nothing son.”” when they left. I finally got the nerve to go in again. At this point they were hamming it up with this huge ugly dude with a Syracuse football shirt on. They yelled, “”I thought I told you to go outside ***hole! Why can’t you be more like this guy and pass time by beating your wife?!”” They all laughed so hard it was disgusting as I would never lay a finger on a women, unless she really liked fingers. They explain this was their best customer Keith Friberg best known for starting football player for the Syracuse football team. Keith introduced himself by saying, “”You must be the d*** wad that has the broken gun now?”” They then told him to hush as they had not told me yet that they did break the gun after all. They told me to come back tomorrow and they would have it fixed and said it was already broken when I handed it over to them which I said it was not. They then hit me with a butt of the gun in the stomach and said “”You wanna be broken too?”” So I left, called back next day and they said they had lost the gun and “”Are you sure you even dropped one off?”” After several other phone calls 3 weeks later they got my gun back and said they cut me a deal with Mike Senior special of $450 for a gas block change and fixing what I had broken. This place was a huge rip-off, I never broke my gun but had to pay for it because they wouldn’t let me have it back unless I did! .

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