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Published: 21 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Demetri Guidry is the owner and only employee at Norcal Farrier Services in Santa Rosa, CA. He put shoes on my horse about six weeks ago while I stood and watched. He did an Ok job from what I observed; until he was done and I walked my horse out. My horse was very sore. So I asked him to make sure that next time he doesn’t trim him so short. He agreed. Last week he came out for the 2nd time to trim and put on new shoes. I couldn’t be there this time as I was at work. He said to leave a check for him and he’d shoe my horse. He went out in the afternoon. Around 5:30pm I went out to check on my horse and my horse was lame. He could barely step on either of his right hooves and was stumbling badly trying to avoid moving at all. Then I noticed he had no hind shoes on at all and all 4 hooves trimmed unbelievably short. I picked up my phone to call Demetri and ask him why he trimmed my horse so short and didn’t finish the job (put on hind shoes), but still took my check. At the moment I was about to call him, I received a message from him via Facebook messenger. It said something like, “I cannot shoe your horse anymore. He is rude.” Yes, my horse was “rude.” He was in excruciating pain from being severely overtrimmed and on top of that, having searing hot metal nailed to his feet. I held my tongue and just replied that it was fine because I wouldn’t be using him anymore anyway from him severely overtrimmig and injuring my horse and told him to stay away from my horse from now on. (I board my horse at a barn that he shoes other horses at). He didn’t reply. Today I got a text message from barn staff telling me that Demetri was out at the barn wandering around. We assumed to shoe other horses. I got out to the barn late at night to check on my horse and give him pain meds. (Since this happened he has needed pain meds because he’s so sore he has hard time moving around). It was dark, but I noticed something was really off with him. He wouldn’t come to the gate to see me as he always does; I pulled him into the light to look at his hooves. His front shoes had been pulled off, and all his hooves are even shorter than before. He literally doesn’t want to move. I had been bandaging/duct taping his back hooves to try and salvage what was left of them and the bandages had been cut off. Demetri came out, waited until barn staff left, pulled my horse out, cut the bandags off, and trimmed him extra- dangerously short. This may be permanent lameness for my horse. He’s 5 years old and has had no problems; has a long life ahead of him that may now be destroyed. All I can think is Demetri was trying to prove a point because I told him to stay away from my horse (after he lamed him then tried to say he can’t shoe my horse because he’s “rude”). I had another shoer out (highly recommended by trusted friends) and he infomed me that this is a common ooccurance; getting new clients because Demetri Guidry destroyed their horse’s hooves. Apparently, Demetri Guidry is extremely narcisistic and if a client asks him to do or not do something (like not trim a horse too short), he deliberately does the opposite to “prove” he knows best and he doesn’t take orders. This other farrier wouldn’t even put hind shoes on my horse becaue he literally said that there was nothing left to nail them to. He said what likely happened was Demetri was trying to prove a point that he doesn’t take orders so he was deliberately trimming him extra short; but then realized he really messed up and over did it because there wasn’t even enough hoof left to nail back shoes on so instead of admitting he messed up and made a mistake, he found a way to blame me and my horse (telling me he can’t shoe my horse anymore because my horse is “rude”….while also not saying anything about not finishing the job and taking the whole $175. Yes, I paid $175 for a lame, beaten horse, and half a shoe job. What demetri did today is criminal. Taking a horse out of a stall without the owner’s permission is criminal in itself; deliberately injuring an animal to prove a point is another story. I’m sharing this story to warn people;please don’t trust this man. Move on and search for different, qualified farriers. .

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