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Published: 06 September 2018

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I purchased a transmission from Leroy Dennis at Dennis car I was sold a faulty and incorrect transmission. He refused to refund me my money. On Monday 8/11/14 I called Dennis Car @ 954-465-5515 and purchased a transmission for a 2003 Honda Element for $900.00 with a one year warranty wich was delivered to my home by Leroy Dennis that day. That same day, late afternoon, my car was taken to Euro Nippon Specialty Motors where an ASE Certified Master Mechanic will install the transmission I purchased from Leroy Dennis. On Tuesday 8/12/14 I purchased 6 quarts of Honda transmission fluid from a Honda dealer parts and service center as instructed by Leroy Dennis. On Wednesday 8/13/14 I purchased 2 seals for the transmission from a Honda dealer parts and service center. Wednesday 8/13/14 That same day the transmission was finished being installed. After the installation Mr Leroy Dennis was called and informed that the transmission was installed but not working. Mr Dennis said he would stop by at the shop that afternoon to take a look but never called or showed up. The mechanic called in a transmission specialist for a second opinion who also said the transmissionn was no good. On Thursday 8/14/14 Mr. Dennis was again called and he replied he would stop by the shop at 11am but did’nt show till about 5:30pm. Mr Dennis told the mechanic to transfer all my old silenoids and sensors from my original transmission to the transmission he sold me since his were either broken or old. He said this might make a difference which it did’nt. On Friday 8/15/14 Mr.Dennis was called and informed the swap of sensors and silinoids were complete but no change. He replied he would text me an address of a friend of his who is a honda transmission specialist. On Sunday 8/17/14 I contacted Mr Leroy Dennis to remind him to send me the address to his friends transmission shop. On Monday 8/18/14 I finally received the text with the address to his friends shop, Roberts Auto Repair and Tyre, 6520 West Commercial Blvd, Ft. Lauderdale Fl 33319, 954-494-5397. I paid to have my car towed to this address with my original transmission in the trunk as asked by Mr Dennis. On Tuesday 8/19/14 i was contacted by Mr Leroy Dennis where he informed me that there was nothing wrong with the transmission. The problem was that the car was not reading the transmission. He also informed me that I have 2 choices. 1) I can give him an additional $700.00 so he can have my original transmission rebuilt but i would have to pay to have this one reinstalled also or 2) he would find me another transmission, I would have to pay for the installation of this one also and if this one did’nt work i would be out of luck because he would not warranty this one. I asked for a refund but he refused and would not honor his warranty. He than called me again later that day to see what i decided to do because he did’nt want me wasting his friends time and space with my car. I told him i needed more time. I than called his friend Oniel at Roberts Auto Repair. Oneil informed me that the transmission that Mr Leroy Dennis sold me was no good, it was garbage, and that Leroy Dennis should refund me my money. I asked Oniel if he could put that in writting but he said no because he always does business with him, did’nt want to be invoved and did’nt want any problems. On Wednesday 8/20/14 I paid to have my car towed back to my home. On Thursday 8/21/14 I paid to have my car towed to a reputable transmission specialist service center where the rebuilt my original transmission. On Friday 8/22/14 I was contacted by my transmission specialist informing me that the transmission that Mr Leroy Dennis sold me was no good and that it was a five speed transmission for an Acura RSX and not a 4 speed automatic Honda Element transmission. On Saturday 8/23/14 my car was completed and running like new. The total cost including parts, labor and a one year/12000 mile warranty with the reputable transmission specialist was $1473.40 .

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