Dr. Dennis Jones

Dennis Jones arrested for sexual misbehave with a child

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Published: 11 August 2017

Posted by: Chantay J. Khoury

In Chamber Bluffs, IOWA, a 68-year-old Dr. Dennis Jones of Council Bluffs handed himself over to law enforcement, on Monday, at the Pottawattamie County Jail. He is currently confronting charges of Second Degree Sexual Abuse, a Class B Felony.
Council Bluffs Police Department and Division of Criminal Investigation will be accessible at 3:00 PM today for individuals from the media who wish to acquire a meeting. If you don’t mind, arrive at the Post 3 Headquarters at 2025 Hunt Ave., Council Bluffs, IOWA.
Dr. Jones is blamed for having sexual contact with a minor youngster who was less than 12 years old. This contact did not happen with regards to his medical practice. Whereas, his supposed conduct includes a relative of Dr. Jones. The kid revealed the sexual misbehave to a parent, who thusly reached experts.
He remained at the Pottawattamie County Jail on a bond of $65,000.

The mother of the victim reached the podium of the courtroom and turned to Dennis. She said that he had made fun of the citizens and fooled the city. She said that she wishes his soul is traumatized.

Jones is sentenced to more than ten years in the prison after found guilty of child pornography charges on Friday morning, in the Federal court. The document from the court states that the doctor had a collection of about 1.2 million images of child porn. He also possessed around 9,300 videos of the same.

The documents also mentioned another set of videos and images that were found in Jones’ collection which was of 25 to 30 patients of his medical clinic. These were taken secretly by him using a pen camera. He took those images and videos during what was portrayed as important medical examinations, which were done without the approval from the patient or parents or the clinic where he practiced.
The mother of one of the female patient of Jones said that he did everything even after being aware of how much damage it would cause. A victim said that it was fortunate to Mr. Jones that she didn’t pick the punishment; she also said that he was the exemplification of wickedness.

The victim added that it is really difficult for a child to see her parents cry and she had seen it too often. She expresses gratitude toward God she was featured in the videos and not her younger sister.

The lady talked about how her life has changed since she got to know that she was featured in an explicit video that was taken by Jones during his medical practice.
She said that every day is different sometimes it is easy and at times it is tough but she will get through it!

One mother said that when she saw him at a store she hugged him because she thought he was innocent until she saw the proof. The last woman just had this to say that he was worse than the worst! According to a lady, he was that monster the mothers warn their kids about.

People wished that God grants no mercy on his soul and they prayed that he dies in the prison.

Jones was sentenced to 121-month prison by Judge James Gritzner at the federal courthouse for his crime of possession of child porn in Council Bluffs. He was also told to pay a fine of $100,000 and will face 10 years of mandatory parole.

A hearing to determine the compensation to the victims and to determine the people involved in child pornography will be held at a later date. Jones remains in government custody and as a part of an agreement with the prosecutors, he pleaded guilty in late May. Judge Gritzner chose the most severe punishment for Jones. Jones agreed to give up his medical permit as a part of the agreement.

The documents from court show that the investigators found external hard drives, computers and other storage devices at Jones’ Council Bluffs home, that were filled with a huge amount of child porn data. A significant number of the pictures and recordings of sexual conduct included perverted, masochistic and violent pictures.
Most of the explicit content was of kids less than 12 years old.

About 13 of his family members and various other supporters sat on Jones side whereas about 30 to 35 victims sat on the opposite side in the courtroom along with their family members.

Jones addressed the court, including the victims and his family members. The doctor told that he had been serving on a child abuse advisory board and had often given talks on child abuse as well! Jones said that an idea of a database of images and videos was put up in order to contribute to law enforcement, so he thought that he could help by collecting the pornography.

Jones told the Judge that around this time he got a pen camera for his grandchild because of his interest in spy stuff. He also said that he took the pictures of the patients to demonstrate to direct exams in the least offensive manner.

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