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Published: 05 April 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I hired Albert, from DeNoise, the owner to produce my product and exercise videos but he did a terrble job with my whole project for many reasons. I am taking him to court to get a refund. I cannot use any of the film or pictures. | 1. After editing the pictures there is hair in my model’s face | 2. Her posture is off and product alignment is way off. I cannot believe a professional would call it great pictures. | 3. The color and contrast is horrible. I look like a dead person. | 4. Some of the video’s are so bad that they the make my skin transform from ghost white, to brown, to red! So aweful! | 5. The guy wants a retake but there is no way i am going back to do this crappy shoot again. He has no clue about professional quality. If he cant do any usable work what is the point. Even my marketer agrees the whole session is useless and a total loss. After many attempts for him to sort this out and photoshop properly he cant do it all. I am done with his incompetent work. | 6. He will not refund my money and insists he has produced professional quality. Any Joe could do the same or better with cheap camera. His lighting, editing, and photoshop ability is terrible. I am so disappointed with his so called professional work. It is a sham! | I am suing this guy to get all my money back. He owes my over $1000.

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