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They don't deliver their promises. They messed up my car.

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Published: 12 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

For the first time, I had the experience of getting my car fixed and for sure it was the worst ever! Dent Guys, Las Vegas disappointed me. One winter morning, I was driving to work as a part of my usual routine. It was, undoubtedly, a very snowy day. Snow piles could be seen everywhere. The cars were skidding and on my 15 minutes halfway drive I had seen 4 bad car accidents on the road. I was almost there when it started raining heavily and the cars got badly stuck once again. 5 minutes into the traffic jam and it started hailing. After 30 minutes wait, finally the cars started moving slowly and Bang! I got a bad jerk, for 2 minutes I couldn’t sense what had just happened. I opened my eyes on the hospital bed and all I could see was just tubes attached on my whole body. Two weeks later, I was all good but the shock I got on seeing my car was immense. It was all broken and had various dents and scratches on it. I first took it to the workshop to get it all fixed. 2 days later when it was all in shape but still had paint issues I decided to take it to famous Dent Guys, Las Vegas. I heard about them from my friend, who had a bad accident a few days back and 2 days after his accident episode the car was all fixed and seemed like a brand new vehicle. I took it to the Dent Guys, the very next morning and registered for few services which included Bumper Repair and Touchup, Head Light Restoration & Window Chip Repair. I sorted out the payment stuff and was excited to see my car all fixed up soon. The dealer told me to pick up the car after 3 days which was reduced to 2 after I requested for quick service, not forgetting that I paid an extra $50 dollars for this service. Tuesday evening at 5 pm, I was told by the manager that I should reach the workshop for my car pickup. When I reached there on the agreed time, I was disappointed to see that due to some technical machinery fault the car has not been fixed yet, and they needed another day. I agreed on this, as I didn’t have any other option. I revisited again after another day and after 2 hours finally got a chance to see my car which I wasn’t allowed before. I was shocked to see the state of my car. It still had a few scratches which they fixed and I took it with me now, little did I know a bad time just started.
After 2 days I washed my car and all the paint got off. I was devastated to see the condition. It was same as before and that very moment I decided to never trust Dent Guys again and now, I request you all to do the same.

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