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Published: 22 May 2019

Posted by: Ramiro

So I actually went to DentaCare Associates because my usual dentist was on vacation and this was the nearest dental clinic. Moreover, they have a really good online presence which is always something I look for whenever I am looking for any medical clinic. What I did not know was that the reviews that they have are totally fake and they have bought them online. These guys have posted literally dozens of fake reviews on their business listing to fool people into thinking that they are good at what they do. I was feeling some itchiness in my gums and it was really bothering me, so I got an appointment at DentaCare Associates via call. First off, they didn’t pick my call the first time. I had to call them FOUR FREACKING TIMES and then they picked up the phone. Then when I reached the clinic they told me that I will have to wait for an hour because the doctor is “busy”. I saw one of the girls from the front desk go inside his office and after around 40 minutes she came out looking all messy, I’m not a fool and I think it was obvious that they weren’t busy playing chess. Anyways, I met with the doctor and told him about the issue that I was facing. He did a quick examination and told me that I will have to get braces because my teeth were misaligned. I felt that my teeth did not have an alignment problem because they looked perfectly fine to me. I told him that I was feeling an itch and nothing physical, but he did not listen to anything I said. His mind was elsewhere, he was probably still thinking about that front desk gal. When I noticed that he wasn’t paying attention, I decided to just walk out of the clinic. I was still in doubt whether the diagnosis of the doctor at DentaCare Associates was correct or not. So in order to verify his diagnosis, I decided to get a second opinion. One of my friends suggested me to check out this ortho guy who had an office nearby. They told me that he was really talented and he will easily tell what the problem is. So I decided to give him a try. The new doctor told me that I had a simple infection and he prescribed me an antibiotic. While I was there, I asked him if I needed braces or not, and he just laughed and told me that I have one of the best sets of teeth he has seen so far. So what I realized that the fucking doctors at DentaCare Associates were trying to rip me off. I don’t have a dental insurance health plan so I couldn’t afford to make any silly financial mistake. I was lucky that I found out the reality of DentaCare Associates before actually investing any money in their services. I hope that you stay away from DentaCare Associates.

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