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Published: 03 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I went to Dental Associates to have a tooth filed due to a chip in it. While waiting in the dental chair for the dentist, dental Assistant, Xavier, suggested that I get xrays. They were needed and covered by insurance so I agreed. The dentist came in and asked what I needed done. I explained to him that I had recently had a full cleaning at another dentist but found out that he was not in the BC/BS network so I came here and all I wanted done was to fix the bottom front tooth. He acknowledged and proceeded to fill the tooth. My xrays were on the monitor alongside me and after filling the front tooth as requested, he said that I may have a problem with a cap, upper right side which he saw on the monitor. He asked if he could have his insurance girl give me a price to fix it and I said that he could if he desired. He left, and the insurance girl came in, showed me a printout of the service needed and had me sign it as having been received. She told me that insurance would cover $1,393 and I would owe $461.00. I told her that I had never paid for dental work and would let her know when I came in for a regular cleaning in 4 months. As I left, the office manager told me that I owed $20.00 for “Hurriseal densensitizing on tooth 25”. I told her that she had no right to charge me without informing me about an uncovered service. I told them then and beforehand that I had 100% coverage for dental thru BC/BS and had never paid for any dental work in 45 years. I complained but paid it. When I received my EOB from BC/BS, Dental Associates had charged me for a “comprehensive Oral Evaluation” for $46.00. I, in no way had received this service as the dentist hadn’t touched any tooth in my mouth besides the one he repaired. I went to the office and told them there was a mistake but they said that I owed it. I had to go back to have the tooth ground down a bit, and right after the dentist ground the tooth down, I showed him the bill mistake and gave him three sheets of paper from the internet explaining what a comprehensive oral evaluation entailed and told him he hadn’t even touched another tooth in my mouth, much less any of the numerous items that was required in a comprehensive oral evaluation. He told me he would go check on it. I sat in the dental chair for 10 minutes waiting for him to come back, finally got up and went to the front desk and asked for the dentist. I was told that he left for the day. I told the mgr that I would not pay the balance of their bill, $46.00 under any circumstances as I had not received the service. I then requested a copy of my xrays which I paid $77.00 for and was told that I can’t receive a copy because I “have a balance on my account of $46.00”. They also told me after I told them about the erronous charge that they can’t take it off as it would “be fraud” to do that which is rediculous. .

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