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Published: 27 May 2019

Posted by: Louise

I and my husband came to Dental Distinctions for getting our implants finished. Our usual dentist had to go to his hometown due to some personal emergencies and he suggested that he come to this clinic for getting our procedure done. And if I had just to express my experience at the Dental Distinctions clinic in one phrase, then it would be HORRIBLY STRESSFUL! My previous dentist (the traditional one) was perfect, he understood everything and charged appropriately for all the services. However, the billing at Dental Distinctions was totally out of proportions. My husband was wearing a set of proper braces and a nighttime retainer for TWO YEARS and the idiotic doctor Nelson “accidentally” destroyed it. He did not just destroy the braces & the night time retainer but he even destroyed his fucking teeth. Dr Nelson from Dental Distinctions is a total moron who is certainly not an expert when it comes to dental care. A monkey can do a better job than this fucking moron. After he destroyed my husband’s retainer accident, he simply said,” Woah, that was surprising, maybe you should get some durable retainers next time, haha hahaha.” Those retainers were expensive. If you have worn braces ever in your whole life, then you must know how expensive these retainers are and after breaking them permanently, this guy was making a JOKE!!! We were not offered ANY discount or compensation for the damages. Moreover, the bill we received for this nightmare was TWICE as much as normal. We have been to enough clinics to know if we are getting overcharged or not. The retard doctor chipped THREE of my husband’s front teeth. THREE FUCKING TEETH! My husband’s orthodontists were shocked when he saw the damages done to him and asked if my husband tried to remove the braces and retainer by himself. We are going to have to get expensive treatments done for my husband’s broken teeth, otherwise, that thing is PERMANENT. You know, for all the appointments we booked at Dental Distinctions, there was not ONE where they saw us on time. If you are reading this then PLEASE find another dental clinic. Dental Distinctions is not going to benefit you in any way. We ended up wasting a lot of money on this clinic in the hopes of something good happening, but all we got was a disappointment and chipped teeth. I was a fool to trust the fake 5 starred reviews of Dental Distinctions. I’m guaranteed that all of those reviews were fake. Because a place with such an incompetent doctor and poor management cannot receive massive amounts of “perfect” reviews. Please stay away from Dental Distinctions, you will not regret this decision. If I knew the reality of this place before wasting thousands of dollars, then my husband would have healthy teeth at this moment. And keep doing your research until you find a good dental clinic for your needs. I hope you don’t have to go through any of the pain we did.

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