Negligent and incompetent dentists. Better stay way!

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Published: 21 April 2019

Posted by: ashley

Dental 365 claims to be an awesome organization with competent professionals. But the reality is much different from what they tell you on their website.

Their dentists are negligent and incompetent. I had gone there for a simple root canal. They did it so poorly that I stayed in pain for weeks. I had to go to another dentist eventually to get the faulty root canal treated.

Those people never accepted their fault! They are really unprofessional and they shouldn’t be allowed to practice at all. If that’s the case of one branch, think how others would be working? When I had contacted those people about the constant pain I was feeling in my treated tooth, the dentist shrugged it off by saying it’s natural and the pain will pass. he didn’t even care to check my teeth.

I know that after a root canal treatment, you have to feel some toothache. But I was feeling pain in the adjacent teeth. And that’s why I was worried that it was a negligent treatment. Also, the dentist hadn’t told me anything about the risks of getting a root canal treatment.

And dentists are supposed to give this information to their patients. This alone is grounds for a negligence claim. The level of carelessness present in the staff of Dental 365 is pathetic. It would have been better if I had gone to any other local dentist in the first place. I had to visit another dental clinic later because the pain was too much to bear and I wanted to know whether the pain was natural or not.

Apparently, the dentist had damaged the tooth next to the one getting treated. It must have been a mistake but it’s uncommon. It only happens when the dentist is too careless and pathetic. The level of incompetency present there is hysterical. Going to Dental 365 for treatment was actually a major mistake. They had ruined my dental health which was the opposite of why I had contacted them.

I later contacted them to tell them about their negligence. They never accepted their fault. The dentists in these clinics are too full of themselves. This must be another reason why they are so poor at their jobs. If they had any time to care about their patients instead of themselves the situation would have been vastly different.

I had gone to these people because they are one of the most popular brands in the New York Metropolitan area. So it was natural for me to trust them more than others. I didn’t know that having such a powerful brand was actually a reason for them to be unprofessional. They know they don’t have to put a lot of effort into treating their patients because their business doesn’t slow down.

They are scammers who are falsely advertising their services to others. I hope my experiences will open your eyes and help you make an informed decision. Don’t fall prey to these incompetent and foolish dentists. They damaged my teeth, they can do that to you as well.

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