Dentistry at Suburban Square

This is no place for middle-class people like us.

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Published: 07 July 2019

Posted by: Hettie

The Dentistry at Suburban Square is a bloodsucking leech the disrepute of which you will never believe, unless you have an experience similar to that of my friend. The office staffs are smooth talkers but the doctor is a straight up sales person. They will give you high volume business with no guarantee on quality and make you wait a long time between two successive appointments. My friend wanted more personalised service but the doctor Makeda was unethical, narcissistic, unprofessional in his demeanour and on top of that, an opiate drug addict. He cannot provide proper service to the patients he has but takes on new patients continuously. He made her wait for six weeks past the appointment date. It is true that he reduced the Invisalign cost by five hundred dollars, but he profited by cancelling appointments frequently. She had opted for this clinic because the fee was lesser than that quoted by other clinics. However, the service was below satisfaction. While the other clinics captured full three-dimensional panoramic images of her mouth for free and explained the altercations to be made in the positions of teeth, here the doctor simply held a mirror to her mouth and said quickly with a salesman pitch that he could straighten her teeth. He then handed her an iPad, making her watch a YouTube video of the procedure rather than walking her through it. The assistant came in and announced that she needed to pay full upfront before the operation was even started. They did not even bill her insurance and did not accept payment in instalments. The last resort was in-house financing with an interest rate of twenty-four percent. Furthermore, she consulted two Ivy League dentists who said that she had only one cavity while this clinic repeatedly emphasised that she had six cavities.

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