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Published: 17 April 2019

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May 27, 2014 – Tampa Florida – Our 18 year old daughter received a telephone call this afternoon from a Washington DC telephone number. (202) 407-9771 The person in Washington DC identified herself a Jessica Bates of the US Department of the Treasury. She asked my daughter how old she was and if she was working at a job or if she was a student. My daughter replied that she was a student. Ms. Jessica Bates replied that my daughter’s name was randomly selected by the US Department of the Treasury from a list of students whose parents pay their taxes and bills on time. Because she was selected, she would receive a federal grant in the amount of $9200.00 to assist in the payment of college tuition and educational expenses. My daughter did not give any personal information to the caller, nor did the caller ask for any personal information at this time. The caller said that it wouldn’t be safe at this time to give that kind personal information over the phone. (Attempting to slip in a false sense of security.) In order for the grant to be processed, my daughter was instructed to go to Walgreen’s Pharmacy and purchase a “Green Dot” money card in the amount of $210.00. Once the card had been purchased, my daughter was to call (202) 407-9771 and give to the person answering the telephone a code number of GG1108. She would then be instructed where to send the “Green Dot” money card to start the processing of the educational grant. (I’m sure the personal bank account information including social security number would probably be asked for at this time.) I immeadiately informed my daughter that this was a scam and not to do anything. I will visit my bank tomorrow and put restrictions on our accounts so that no monies can be transfered between accounts unless done in person with the proper identification. It is truly a shame that our children are being preyed upon, although they are also seen as some of the most vulnerable. Talk to you children, family, friends and High School Guidance Counselors about this scam & be careful. .

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