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Published: 07 August 2019

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When it comes to hygiene, people become very careful about choosing their dental clinic. People may feel unrest when they visit the dental clinic. Dependable dental services are located in Ohio, USA. I found out in the latest reviews by customers that they have been very unprofessional dealing with their customers. They have shown a bad attitude; their staff is also not friendly. For a good clinic especially a dental clinic it is recommended that you should have a clean and hygienic environment. Your customers have also questioned about their environment in which they work. Many customers left them because they were not taking measures to deal with the customer’s queries.
Whenever someone faces a health-related issue people become slightly careful about it and they choose one of the best clinics to treat them especially when it’s a hygiene problem. You expect the staff to be friendly with so that you won’t feel agitated during your treatment. One of the patients shared his review that the staff of Dependable Dental Services was unprofessional as they don’t know how to deal with the patient’s problems. They have a very bad attitude.
I had booked my appointment and I wanted to reschedule it for which I called Dependable Dental Services. I was utterly disappointed when I got a pretty rude reply from the staff of the dental clinic. The staff member did not cooperate with me and asked me to pay an additional fee if I wanted to reschedule. I had to switch to another clinic after this.
One of the patients faced disappointment when he asked for a receipt from Dependable Dental Services. He had his tooth recapped. When he asked for the bill to let his insurance company know about it. The receptionist came up with an extremely lame excuse that the doctor moves around a lot from office to office. The patient was so annoyed and had to wait for hours for the receipt.
Patients have also reported that Dependable Dental Services pressurize their patients for availing their services. One of the customers who recently moved to a new location gave a visit to Dependable Dental Services. The doctor told him about a severe infection in his gums. The dentist suggested him to go for a deep cleaning for his mouth. The patient researched the disease and read the reviews about this dental clinic upon which he got to know that clinics like these are only here to make money by following unnecessary procedures. Fortunately, he got to know about it and he changed his dentist.
One of the customers referred them as liars because Dependable Dental Service prescribed him to get a night guard as this is also covered by his insurance and he doesn’t have to pay for it. Later, the patient came to know that they were only making money and this service was not covered by his insurance company. He was charged a bill of around $450 which he had to pay at any cost now.
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