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Don’t get bothered by Millionaire Biz Pro!

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Published: 04 August 2019

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Today be ready to devour some radically honest and extremely blunt reviews by me. I’ll be reviewing about Millionaire Biz Pro, an online training program to earn money founded by Derek Maxwell. Derek Maxwell says his system, Millionaire Biz Pro makes you earn $1000 after just 30 days of using it and without any required experience or skill. 

Millionaire Biz Pro is programmed to do two things:-




So, Millionaire Biz Pro actually sounds like an automated affiliate marketing system.

He also claims that his system has helped people go from $0 to $1000 per day with no internet marketing experience and with 20 minutes of work daily.

Once again we come across yet another internet marketing product that’s full of shit. It’s a basic, incredibly bland and 99% unlikely to make you earn thousands of dollars in mere days.

I received some of the questions from my fellow freelancers and after receiving inquiries a dozen times, I decided to check on Millionaire Biz Pro myself and this is what I found: –


  1. Fake Testimonials and Derek Maxwell

Here are the two of the customer testimonials that Derek presents at the beginning of his sales video: –

Millionaire Biz Pro claims that the people presented here are the paid voice actors. However, you’ll find them on Fiverr offering video testimonials for the low price of $5.