Please AVOID DermaBlue at all costs

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Published: 21 April 2019

Posted by: henrick

Please AVOID DermaBlue at all costs, these people might seem good at first but they are going to ruin your life! Trust me when I say this, STAY AWAY FROM DERMABLUE!!!

I was an overweight woman and trying to lose weight. I wanted to look in shape because my 25th marriage anniversary was only a few months away and I didn’t want to look like a fat ass bimbo in it. I was trying for a couple of months but nothing seemed to work, I started jogging, ate right, stayed in a calorie deficit but even after doing all these things, there was no visible difference in my body, I was the same as before. I Googled methods of getting a slim waist and I saw an advertisement for DermaBlue. These guys were claiming that they can slim up my waist in no time. I was a little shocked to see their claims as my friends have used artificial methods to get slim in the past and all of them had scars on their bellies, however, DermaBlue were claiming that their procedures leave no scars on the skin.

I contacted DermaBlue and the representative told me that they have a non-invasive “High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Technology” which causes muscle contractions and helps flatten the belly. He also told me that it is just like working out and I will definitely lose a significant amount of weight during their procedures. I didn’t ask those many questions as I was in a hurry. When I went to their clinic I was greeted by the most ignorant and selfish receptionist I have ever seen. But I ignored all these small issues as I was quite nervous. I paid them a lot of money for their so-called EmSculpt procedure. I went to the clinic for three months. They told me that I need to watch what I eat and make a log of everything I eat to make sure that I don’t overeat. I did everything they told me to do but I didn’t lose a single pound in those 3 months!

I contacted their “experts” and asked them why I didn’t lose any weight even after following their whole procedure and their responses were just vague and insecure. Even they didn’t know what to say in that situation. DermaBlue charged me $XXXX for the EmSculpt and it just wasted my time, money and resources. I have never been more disappointed with a company in my whole life. I was doing better when I was jogging! I would have been satisfied with their service if they pointed out any mistakes from my end, which I could have improved, but as I was doing everything exactly as they told me to, they didn’t have anything to say.

All I can tell you is to keep away from DermaBlue. I am 100% sure that there are other cosmetic companies which provide much better results without costing a fortune. After my experience that is all, I can say about these guys.

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