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Witness Tampering, Threats to Murder, Pedophile Slander, Ayahuasca Arrests, Criminalization of Ayahuasca

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Published: 13 September 2020

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Deryk Wenaus and others of Retreat Guru were confronted for their role in making trouble for those helping police into their inquiries as well as the disgusting nature of sniggering at people having their legs broken and siding with nasty drug traffickers facing jail, just hours later a facilitator of one of the Ayahuasca centres listed on the Retreat Guru website sent messages through another website claiming that Court witness could be humiliated and mocked as a peodophile for fun and nothing could be done about it.

In separate claims Deryk Wenaus at Retreat Guru was ordered to pay US $50, 000 in legal claims related to malicious defamation and witness tampering as well as to comply with Article 21 GDPR 2018, when he refused to pay and to be GDPR compliant, the coronavirus crisis struck and wiped millions off the value of his business. whilst the Courts banned ayahuasca in one country after another.

Several threats to murder and many instances of nasty witness harassment was also well documented, embarassing the Wenaus brothers and bringing an end to their work of creaming off the proceeds from the sale of banned substances.

Deryk Wenaus had to refund thousands and thousands of customers for cancelled bookings and beg for forgiveness in the face of GDPR fines, legal claims, insolvency and untold numbers of police actions.

Deryk Wenaus offered to share private information about a witness testifying in Court cases so his friends could do a murder.

Deryk Wenaus found the whole matter funny and arranged for people to taunt a Court Witness with over 300 counts of nasty humiliation whilst fabricating lies and telling tales of being bullied, and then got caught out offering to do a video chat to share data in violation of Article 17 and 21 of GDPR, privacy of witnesses in police investigations.

That breaking the law, with intent, includes the trafficking banned drugs and smuggling drugs on an international scale in defiance of the authorities, the Courts and the police, as well as obstructing justice and organizing the serious intimidation of witnesses, including threats of murder and violence.

Deryk Wenaus claimed it was justified in the name of his divine mission but he stopped laughing when cops started smashing doors in, handcuffing people, finding weed and dragging people before Court on charges of substance trafficking and threats to murder.

Retreat Guru was involved in fabricating sick lies about witnesses to Courts and allowed its platform to be used to maliciously harass, intimidate and threaten witnesses in criminal judicial proceedings. Deryk Wenaus was involved in threatening those helping police with broken legs or being put in a wheelchair. He smoked weed and drank Ayahuasca, helping people running from police to post death threats and threats to murder, his behaviour was supported by Steve Schlafman. Data Protection Canada got involved after Retreat Guru admitted the planting of tracking viruses and the gathering of data files without authorization. Deryk Wenaus COO had to plead for forgiveness after him and his people were caught with their pants down humiliating witnesses with malicious threats on their software platform.

Retreat Guru assisted offenders jumping bail on serious trafficking charges to post death threats, threats to murder before the police can help and pedophile slurs. undercover agents caught the Deryk Wenaus of Retreat Guru offering to talk about sharing data over video chat about police informants with the intention to murder a witness.

Retreat Guru stopped laughing when the Courts in many countries used this matter to criminalize Ayahuasca once and for all.

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