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Published: 16 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I would like to give warning to anyone thinking about entering themselves or a loved one into the Desert Hope rehabilitation facility in Las Vegas, NV to do your homework. There is plentiful information available for anyone that will take the time to look. My situation did not allow me to do so before entering my teenage grandson into this rehabilitation facility. I started the process of entering my grandson into the DH facility in April of 2014 and have been given the run around for about seven months. The process starts with a court order to get my grandson into a facility that would help him with his drug addiction. Drug addictions usually come with legal problems. I called the (855) number to speak with an A.A.C. intake specialist that told me that DH offered the most intensive inpatient drug treatment program available. She also stated he would be seen by a Master Degreed, (30) plus year experience, therapist at least (2) times a week. She could sense my desperation to get this child help and reeled me in. The cost for the (30) day inpatient stay was $26,500.00. Being a grandmother and a senior citizen on a fixed income this could be a disastrous decision if this was not a viable institution. I have since read that the intake specialists get a commission on the amount they can get you to pay for entry into the facility. Upon completion of his (30) day stay my grandson relapsed and was incarcerated. He explained the lack of therapy and responsiveness to his problems within this facility. He stated while still an inpatient at Desert Hope he “would rather go to jail than spend any more time here.” My grandson gave me written permission to order his medical records from Desert Hope to see what had gone wrong. It didn’t take long to discover that he was basically housed with little “intensive” treatment that was contracted. He saw a therapist only (3) out of the (8) to be scheduled with his care. Possibly not because my family member did not need the therapy but because lack of staff or caring. After all I did pay cash and it was not accounted for at the end of the care. In the third session his therapist stated he was in need and very important that he see the staff psychiatrist. She walked him down the hall to do this only to find that the patient would be put on a waiting list. This visit did not occur during his stay in the DH facility. There were (2) urine tests run on the patient while he was in the care of the DH facility. Both tests came back positive for drugs and or alcohol. The behavior took place with a female patient of DH, of which are supposedly segregated from the male patients. The patient stated that drugs were readily available at this facility. There were pages of medical records that documented patient being in his room. They were inundated with groups meetings during the day with repetitive to little or no substance. When the patient would miss a meeting there was little or no effort to hold patients accountable. The comment submitted in records was absent due to reason(s) UNKNOWN. This is unacceptable due to the fact that this is an inpatient facility and I was paying to have this family member treated. Basically this patient spent most of his time being housed and very little intensive treatment was administered. Therefore his immediate relapse was foreseeable. I spent months trying to get to the executive responsible for the organizational control of this facility. The office personnel are very inept at answering questions when you can get ahold of anyone. I finally, after numerous attempts got to speak to the interim C.E.O. of DH. I addressed some of the incidents that were involved with my family members stay. He stated that he had only been there three months and could not address issues during my grandsons stay. I also explained to him that according to the patient’s medical records there were only (3) sessions entered with a therapist. He replied that sometimes his therapist did not always record her sessions with the patient. I found that to be an absurd statement on his part and inexcusable way to run a treatment facility. The patient also confirmed the few sessions he received while in Desert Hope’s care. The turnover rate for staff and executives appears to be an issue with this facility, considering DH has only been in operation since 1/12. There seems to be issues with understaffing, rules and regulations not being consistently followed and basic organizational control at that time. This is not conducive to a facility that was paid to be an intensive healing and teaching environment. I received a call on 12/1/14 from a Corporate Executive at A.A.C. in Tennessee offering a (30) day free stay at the Singer Island rehabilitation center as an offer to rectify this situation. This was one of their American Addiction Centers located in Florida. This out of state facility was refused for legal reasons. A repeat stay was offered up at The Desert Hope facility of which my grandson and I would not be excepting any part of this offer. The facility could not get it right the first time why would anyone subject themselves to a second round of practice. The only solution here is to refund the $26,500 cash I paid minus the local rate for room and board. A facility will be located that can at least provide a drug free environment with real intensive therapy. I also was declined a breakdown of how the $26,500.00 was applied to my grandson’s care while at the facility. I spoke to one their billing representative’s and their corporate compliance officer in Tennessee a few weeks ago. I was advised that American Addiction Centers only do a breakdown in cost for care to insurance companies and Medicaid patients. I also was told for my grandson’s care all of the money paid was bundled. This would be illegal if this were an insurance company that paid for this care. I believe this practice is to their benefit so they can short change the patient on his care and not be held accountable. Again, please be warned that if you have any intentions of entering this facility at least do some checking and by all means do not pay by cash.¬¬ During this whole ordeal I suffered a stroke and other medical difficulties. Be diligent do some investigating and you will be saving yourself a lot of heartache and financial ruin. .

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