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Published: 15 March 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

If I could think of something nice to say about this financial predator, it would go something like this: Those who complain that Desert Schools Federal Credit Union “has bad customer service” don’t know what they’re talking about. You can have neither bad nor good customer service, if you have none to begin with. And that’s the short story: Desert Schools Federal Credit Union is a fake credit union, a foul sinkhole of financial peril. The total and complete lack of customer service is just the tip of the iceberg. This is the crookedest, most uncaring, most incompetent, unethical financial institution I have ever dealt with in more than 50 years in banking and finance. I’ve been treated better at Bank of Amnesia, the 1 Worst Bank on the Planet. I opened a checking account last summer. I was promised my checks within a week to ten days. It was December before I finally got either my checks or a statement. And nobody had an explanation. I applied for a debit card. It worked fine until last month, when it was suddenly cancelled without notice or explanation. I wasted three hours trying to get a response from the worthless telephone number printed on the card. The following day I was delayed five hours on a pre-scheduled business trip, trying to reach someone to tell me why my card was cancelled. After being assured I would get a new card that was immediately activated if I just drove back to the local branch for the 3rd time that morning, I was handed a card that was, in fact, still not activated. A 4th trip back to the branch revealed the card must wait 24 hours for activation. Then, I was told it would be working by midnight. All of this BS cost me a doctor’s appointment fee and the hourly costs of hiring movers, since I had stood those people up. It turns out, Desert Schools Federal Credit Union canceled my card because their automated robots detected possible charges I “may not have authorized”. So, rather than calling me (like any honest institution would) on the phone they asked for when I opened my account, and asking if I made the charges, they just silently canceled my card… then sat back with smirks on their faces, wondering how long it would take me to figure out I’d just had the financial rug yanked out from under me. Very funny, DSFCU, you’re very funny! May you rot and burn in Hades! Trying to call these sluggish vermin on the telephone will get you nowhere. The lazy cowards insist you provide a telephone number when you apply for an account, but never bother to use it, or even answer their own phones, when you have an emergency. Meanwhile, I’m not allowed copies of my cancelled checks, a balance worksheet, nor even a legible statement that isn’t drenched with their sleazy marketing and loan BS. Oh, forgive me, DSFCU! You did give me a credit for that stingy 83c my 5-figure balance just earned in interest last month. Shall we all meet in the Bahamas and toast margaritas to celebrate? Their fees are outrageous, along with their limited holiday hours. Long lines at crowded Fry’s markets are epidemic. When all was said and done, all they could say is they’re “sorry I’m upset” – instead of apologizing, “I’m really sorry we caused you to become upset”. I’ve never met such professionally-trained cowards in my entire life. In the meantime one of their mortgage parasites, a female names Bridgette Burton, saw my balance and began pursuing me relentlessly to apply for a home loan. When I finally agreed, she suddenly disappeared over the horizon and was never heard from again. Traditionally, credit unions are user friendly. They make easier loans, offer far better rates on loan products and service fees than traditional money hungry, fee-obsessed banks. But even Desert Schools Federal Credit Union’s website – – is a misleading fraud. For those who don’t know, the “.org” extension is designed for legitimate organizations, not profit-based commercial businesses. Desert Schools Federal Credit Union is nothing but a predatory Temple of Greed; an embarrassment and a disgrace to the entire credit union industry. Since Arizona is the land of rip-snortin’, rootin’-tootin’, trigger-happy gun slingers, I’d love to be the fly on the wall when Desert Schools’ next victim comes around with his AK-47 and spreads their CEOs’ brain out like a dog’s breakfast all over his polished marble floor. T’would make my day… For more on DSFCU’s parade of unhappy customers, Google, “desert schools federal credit union – credit karma”. And also check Yelp! .

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