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Published: 29 January 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I went to a sale that deskins motors in pikeville ky was having on july 20,2013 and i was just looking around cause i knew i wouldn’t get a vehicle cause of my income.and this guy comes up to me an has me fill out some papers and says i got just the right vehicle for you and he shows me a 2009 dodge ram truck i didn’t really want that truck cause at the time i wanted a Toyota Tacoma but they didn’t have he said here take it for a test drive so i did and when i came back, he told me the truck was mine and all i had to do was sign a few papers, and i was worried i couldn’t make the payments and he told me the first month would be higher then the actual payments, well the payments never lowered and he also told me i could get it refinanced in 6 months well come to find out he had lied on my application about how much i made, i told him i only get 840 a month and my truck payment is still 814 a month it never lowered and i called the finance company to see out getting it lowered and they said they can’t lower it and i had no idea that he had lied to the financed company. i found out when i went to try to get it refinance an they told me my income was not enough to get it refinanced and that i over paid for the truck and they don’t know how i got it in the first place well i didn’t get a contract for the truck so i called and asked them to send me one and i got it and they have charged me almost 60,000 for a 2009 dodge ram. that was not on the contract that i signed..i was lied to and so was the finance company. i was scammed by this guy who lied about the hole situation. i received the application that was sent to the finance company Chrysler capital and whoever filled it out lied about everything and plus they forged my name to the application.. that is absolutely not my signature on that application..i am very upset that they have done this. it upsets me because i trusted them and they go an do this !i do not make 4500 a month and i haven’t lived at this address for 15 years, the whole ordeal is a lie. how can they do this ? they had no right forging my name to anything.i never seen this application till today 4/26/2014. this is not the application i signed ! i went to deskins motors on the 22nd of apri 2014 cause they called me to come in, to get this fixed they tried to run me thru a few finance companys and couldn’t get me approved so the guy said there was nothing they could really do and he said well what u gonna do there just repo it and i go no i do what i was told to do in the first place and he goes what wreck it and i go no ill seek an attorney, then later the finance guy calls me and says i can take the truck back an it wont hurt my credit well im ok with that but i think they should pay me what i have paid on it, it’s only right since they forged my name and the kid lied about everything.deskins and chrysler capital should of ran my credit report and they would of seen i didn’t make 4500 a month and that im disabled. the kid that did this lied about everything. they said there was another worker lied about someone elses too, i mean how can they get by with this ? wonder how many others they have lied about and forge other peoples names without them knowing, to get a sale. this is wrong of them to treat people this way. we wouldn’t be in this situation if they wouldn’t of lied and forged my name for a 60000 loan. now there telling me there is nothing they can do. they forged my name and lied. .

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