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Published: 22 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

When you feel tired after a hectic day you want to relax and make sure that you get peace of mind. For that people often visit spa clinics to get themselves relaxed as they offer an environment where you loosen up. DESUAR Spa is a spa clinic which is located in Los Angeles, California. It aims to deliver one of the best experiences to their customers in terms of their service, their environment, and professionalism. They claim to have a clean facility, quiet place where you can relax but lately according to their customer all their claims have gone in as they have unable to deliver what they commit. Customers have told that their services are below average, they have inexperienced masseur, moreover, they are only keen to make money rather than caring for their customer. Moreover, customers have also told that there is no privacy when you visit DESUAR Spa, you can still hear the footsteps above the floor. That’s why one customer decided to find other alternatives and they never wish to come back again over there.
When I went to DESUAR Spa, I was shocked to see that the towels and the massage bed smelled very badly. Their rooms look dodgy; moreover, they only give you 50 minutes instead of 1 hour. I had paid them $100 for treatment which was not even relaxing. Not only that, when I complained about the issue, they just started calling me bad names and told me that I should ‘shoo off’. What kind of customer service is that? If they can’t handle complaints, why do they even bother to claim to be the best ones in town? Why?
Other people are also frustrated with this place. I’m sharing the experiences of a few other customers so you can see just how pathetic this place is.
A customer said that they don’t have any parking space for the customers and they have to find the parking lot and it wastes a lot of time. He also said that DESUAR Spa was in the middle of the downtown, and it smelled so badly around there. The customer said that his message was not great and he felt no pressure at all. It was extremely frustrating for him and he was disappointed with the way he was treated. The masseuse rubbed most of the massage oil in his hair and he felt disgusting. He had signed up for a body massage, not a hair massage.
The customers have reported that DESUAR Spa doesn’t deliver what they commit to their customers. One of the customers has said that the massage at DESUAR Spa didn’t give him any kind of relaxation or rejuvenation as it was just a waste of time and money. This shows how DESUAR Spa is keen to make money rather than caring for their customers, their staff are unprofessional and don’t know how to deliver good services. The customer reported that he requested a full massage but the masseuse was not prepared for it and this made the customer unhappy.

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