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Published: 29 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Until I gave them a poor review online. When I refused to take the review down (was an honest reflection of my experience with the company) Bob refused to honor my warranty. The tub looks worse than when they started and I am out $400. | Detroit Tubs charges more than their competitors, but I went with them for a bathtub reglaze after Bob Anderson, the company owner, gave me a great spheal on how the process and materials they use are better. But the guy sent to do the job was not very knowledgeable on the product or process and, when he finished, there were streaks, missed spots, and unevenness on a good portion of my tub, and not to mention glaze paint all over my bathroom floor, fixtures, etc. When I called Bob to explain the issues, he agreed to come out with the worker to see for himself what had happened and assist with the fix (the guy who did my tub originally admitted he was fairly new to the industry). | That didn’t happen, the guy who did my tub before came back, but no Bob and my tub didn’t look very good after the second attempt either. At that point I posted a customer review online, expressing my dissatisfaction with the company and process so far. Shortly after I posted that review, the tub glaze started bubbling up and coming off in chunks. | I called Detroit Tubs to have them come back a third time, after spots on my tub started bubbling and peeling again. The company owner, Bob Anderson, was nice enough at first, saying that this happens sometimes, we were covered under warranty, and they would come out and re-do the job from start to finish. Then Bob read my online review, posted before I called on the warranty issue. He asked me to remove it, but I declined, as it was an honest reflection of my experience with their company so far. After that everything changed. Bob declared that I caused the damage and voided my warranty due to “self-scratch and feet impression” (apparently you are not supposed to stand in your tub?). But I did not void the warranty; I gave the tub more than the recommended dry time and did everything else as instructed by Detroit Tubs. The tub was never prepped properly before glazing and the glaze is not adhering. If I would have removed my review, Bob would have honored the warranty, that was made clear. In no way should a customer review dictate warranty conditions and outcomes. Bob let his personal feelings about me and my review affect his judgement on my warranty and that is not right! As of now, Detroit Tubs has no plans to come back and honor my warranty (my tub looks worse than before they started!) or to give me a refund.

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