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Published: 09 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Deba Interiors has an employee named Douglas Norman. He is an engineer and is contracted by Deba at The Ritz in Miami and also is contracted to do The Hard Rock in Tampa. Douglas was contracted out to my home to build a writing desk for me a while back. He was charming and sweet, telling me that he was single and taken by me. He called and text me many times saying how he wanted to start a relationship with me. I was smitten by him and we began to date each other regularly. I spent alot of time and MONEY on Mr. Norman with the promise of a life together. There was no life together! He is married and still with his wife Dani, There are nude photos of him on the net and I found out that he frequently goes to Gay clubs and is well known at clubs Monkey bussiness, Smarty Pants and Scandles. I realized that Mr. Norman was a womanizer, liar and a heel. He uses Deba Interiors to locate women who are well off and alone. He victimizes women with no remorse! Does Deba Interiors support this kind of behavior from their emplyees? I’m being nice about this, what if he does more to another client? Deba can be sued for not assuring their clients safety. I am considering on doing just that! I trusted Deba Interiors to send me someone that was honorable, they sent me a monster!!!! I would talk to Deba Interiors, but he has told them that I am a crazy woman who was angry because he dropped me. Well yes I am angry, wouldn’t you be? but that is not why I am doing this. There are other women who really should know about men who are EVIL!!!! If I don’t do this, then he will get the chance to do it again and it is time for women to put their foot down on men like this. there is no law to prevent men from taking advantage of women and use them for all they can take!!!!! I believe that Deba should reconsider his employment with them. Their name will also be dragged though the mud as well. Deba Interiors will be listed on Angie’s List and when the s–t hits the fan, Deba wll be in the line of fire. deba will always be associated with Douglas and his actions and disconcern of their reputation. I call out to anyone else who has been victimized by this person and Deba Interiors. We need to keep this person from victimizing anyone else. Put your story on Ripoff so we can put a stop to his little reign of terror.

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