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Published: 13 March 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

We called the company now using number 877-997-7779 to make an appointment for strippers for our bachelor party in Austin Texas. The ad didn’t state the company name, or website address. Just the number. Being in a hurry, and not thinking, I called and made an appointment before asking the right questions about the business and doing research for reviews. I agreed to pay $500 when the two dancers arrived. They were supposed to arrive at 11PM. However when they finally did arrive it was almost 1AM. They were NOT the girls we had been texted photos of. Those photos were faked. The ads they have online are also fake photos. After doing research, these ads contain photos from places such as Instagram, pintrest, etc. Of women who live nowhere near Texas or in some cases, the United State The women that arrived looked horrible. Tattoos everywhere. Sagging. Out of shape. As best man I was embarrassed. Another of the guys told me to go ahead and pay after the girls said they would NOT leave without the money as they needed it for their hotel room. We were supposed to get a TWO hour show, which was to INCLUDE: Toy show. Dances for bachelor and guests. Entertainment games, and shows. Girl on Girl show. Full nudity during the dancing part of the show for the crowd. The EXACT girls we had been shown photos of. However, NONE of these things happened. These girls were scammers. After they got the money they told us it was 400$ for the toy show extra, and $200 for nudity extra. On top of what we had already paid. I kept trying to call this agency by the way, NO answer NO call back. They also told us they would only stay 30 minutes for the amount we paid, unless we paid them more PER song after that. $40 per song. We were told to tip at our discretion, and there would be NO upselling. At this point I asked for a refund. This was so obviously a scam. Girls show up who are NOT the girls in photos. So late that it was too late to try to get other dancers. Then they scam you into paying them anyways upfront. Then they demand MORE money for services you have already paid for. The women said they would not refund me as they had to give money to their AGENCY. Wow. So, they are indeed IN on the scam. They got mad even though they were asked politely. Threatened to call the cops and tell them we were trying to rob them? Terrible. Not wanting to have cops show up and take the time to sort it all out, and cause issues, I figured I could ask the agent for a refund later, after explaining what happened. I thought after listening to my voice mails that had begun since the women arrived, they would listen and agree to a refund. No reply to my asking for a refund from the agency. No offer for even a partial refund.

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