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Published: 11 February 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Truly the worst service I’ve ever seen. Don’t expect the Owner Brandon to return your phone call and if he ever does don’t count on him to show up! Here’s my story I was stationed overseas in the military and recently purchased a home. Part of the agreement was to have the pool light fixed prior to final sale. The other owners hired DFW Pool Service to fix the light. The light was indeed fixed and I recieved a copy of the invoice ( 01053 on 31 July 2013). Unfortunately the “Bulb and Seal replacement” lasted for about 2 weeks. I called Brandon (214-616-9147) several times in the middle of august and explained the situation. He said he would come out to take a look at it but never showed. I followed up with multiple text messages and phone calls over the next several weeks and months. After the No Show Brandon started screening my cell phone number. The only way I could reach him was by calling from a different number like my work number. He said he was busy but he would be in the Grapevine area the following day yet again he did NOT show up to my house. Here is a summary of phone calls and text messages from Aug 2013 to May 2014: Aug 14th: Phone call made to Brandon–Brandon said he would come take a look at it but never showed Aug 15- Sep 6: Multiple phone calls and messages left with no response Sept 16th: Text: 1256 Gerremy: “Hi Brandon, will you please send me the receipts for the pool? Thank you Gerremy” (reference to his previous work done on 31 July 2013) 1310 Brandon: “Sent. Please verify.” 1311 Gerremy: “Got it. Thank you Brandon.” Sept 21-28: follow up Phone calls made to get Brandon to come fix the light. Wed Oct 2nd: Text: 1056 Gerremy: “Brandon, Any chance you can look at the pool lights this afternoon at [address]” 1128 Brandon: “Not today. I won’t be in Grapevine until tomorrow.” 1314 Gerremy: “Ok can you check tomorrow then?” NO RESPONSE. Oct 2nd text 1217 Gerremy: “Brandon, hello I’d still like for you to check the pool lights at [address]. What time do you have available next week?” NO RESPONSE Nov 13th text 1314 Gerremy: “Brandon, this is Gerremy. Can you help me out with the pool lights this week?” NO RESPONSE Jan 2nd text after several more phone calls from my work number: 1556 Gerremy: “Please confirm that you still plan on stopping by today. Thank you.” NO RESPONSE I finally tracked down the admin phone number (972-656-0872) and Spoke with Susan (who was extremely nice). She informed me that Brandon had been really busy but said she could get something setup. Unfortunately, the next day she called me back and said it was to cold and I would have to call back in the Spring to set something up. I knew that didn’t sound promising but I wasn’t going to give up. All I wanted was the light fixed by the guy who “fixed it”. The invoice was for $200 and I could have gone somewhere else but I wasn’t going to let this guy get away with not fixing his crappy work. I called back in May and spoke with Susan again (not as nice this time). Once again she contacted Brandon and setup a date to meet me at my pool. She also informed me that they were no longer held liable because it have been 8 months but that Brandon would come out to fix the pool light (and charge me more). I didn’t even care anymore I just wanted Brandon and DFW pool service to fix the problem that they created. I took off of work that day because I wanted to be there to make sure this got fixed. Guess what…he didn’t show up!!! I suppose I saw that coming, but as a member of the armed services I believe in accountability and I expected this company to resolve the issue which they did not. I am really glad there is an online service that allows for stories like this to be told. I don’t normally write complaint and actually I prefer to write compliments to businesses about their employess for doing good work, however, this time I had to share my story. THIS IS BY FAR THE WORST COMPANY I HAVE EVER TRIED TO USE! DFW POOL SERVICE IS TERRIBLE!!

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